E-puck robot with battery and ground sensor

E-puck robot with battery and ground sensor

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E-puck programmable robot with rechargeable battery, ground sensor and reflective strip
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The programmable robot E-puck

E-puck robot was designed at the EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne) for teaching and research. This is a very compact and small robot with many sensors.

E-puck robot is the ideal robot to carry out the exploration of autonomous mobile robotics. The E-puck robot is equipped with infrared proximity sensors, an integrated camera for machine vision, many colored LED for communication, 3 sound sensors and a loudspeaker.

This robot is used by many laboratories around the world such as laboratories studying swarms of robots because the E-puck robot can interact with a PC but also and especially can exchange information with neighboring robots via the integrated Bluetooth.

See a list of laboratories and training courses using e-puck robot on the Official site of the E-puck.

Robot programmable E-puck

Technical specifications

The technical details of the E-puck robot are:

  • Diameter: 70 mm
  • Height: 50 mm
  • Weight: 200 g
  • Max speed: 13 cm/s
  • Autonomy: 2 hours moving
  • dsPIC 30 CPU @ 30 MHz (15 MIPS)
  • 8 KB RAM
  • 144 KB Flash
  • 2 step motors
  • 8 infrared proximity and light (TCRT1000)
  • color camera, 640x480
  • 8 LEDs in ring + one body LED + one front LED
  • 3D accelerometers
  • 3 microphones
  • 1 loudspeaker

In this configuration, the robot has also :

  • A ground sensor (to follow lines on the ground)
  • A reflective strip to help reconnaissance and communication between robots
  • The battery charger is sold separately

The programmable robot E-Puck

Programming the E-puck robot

In order to program the E-puck robot you need to be familiar with microcontroller programming. To program the robot E-puck, install the MPLAB programming environment (this environment is free). Programming is using the C language, by using a C compiler which you will also install on your computer.

A tutorial for programming the e-puck robot is available here.


There is also a library extension to Matlab to program the robot E-puck using Matlab. To download this framework please visits the official website of the E-puck.


EpuckMonitor is a program developed in C + + that lets you control the robot E-puck from your PC via its embedded Bluetooth connection.

The following image shows the EpuckMonitor interface

EpuckMonitor software to pilot the E-puck robot from a PC

You can download this free software on the E-puck official website.

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