Swarm robotics

Swarm robotics is a research field in robotics where multiple autonomous robots, called agents, work together to accomplish a common task. These agents communicate with each other and make decisions collectively to achieve the desired objective.

E-puck 2: a small mobile robot designed to be used in swarm robotics

E-puck-2 is equipped with several sensors such as distance sensors, infrared sensors, light, and color sensors, as well as a camera. It can be programmed to perform various tasks, such as line following, obstacle detection, pattern recognition, group navigation, cooperation with other robots, and much more. Moreover, thanks to its wireless connectivity, e-puck 2 robots can communicate with each other to coordinate their movements and share information.

Swarm robotics has many advantages, including flexibility, adaptability, and resilience. This technology is used in many fields, such as surveillance, exploration, mass production, agriculture, scientific research, etc.

Active filters

This accessory includes 3 IR sensors and a microcontroller, and interfaces with the e-Puck 2 robot through an I2C serial connection.

Delivery within 3 weeks

This e-puck2 is the new version of the well-known little research and education mobile robot!

Delivery within 3 weeks

The Omnivision extension for the e-puck 2 robot is a colour camera with panoramic vision that you can connect directly to the robot’s microcontroller or to its Pi-Puck extension.

Delivery within 3 weeks

The University of York robotics lab has designed a new extension for its e-puck 2 robot, for installing a Raspberry Pi Zero W (rPi) microcontroller. More efficient, and cheaper!

Delivery time : 8 to 10 weeks