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Swarm robotics

What is swarm robotics? Robots that organize themselves and manage together to solve problems that are too complex for a single robot: it is a decentralised multi-robot system. Applications: monitoring, exploration or cleaning tasks.

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This board emits infrared light and allows the user to control from one to hundreds of Kilobots robots used to study swarm robotics.

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The Kilobot is a very small programmable robot designed to be used in groups to study swarm robotics.

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This e-puck2 is the new version of the well-known little research and education mobile robot!

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Fly this swarm of 10 Crazyflie 2.1 drones or teach them to fly autonomously with the Loco Positioning System!


Batteries charger for Kilobots robots

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This accessory includes 3 IR sensors and a microcontroller, and interfaces with the e-Puck 2 robot through an I2C serial connection.

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