Elisa-3 Mobile Robot

GCTronic | A-000000-00697

The Elisa-3 Mobile Robot from GCTronic is a small-sized autonomous robot (5cm diameter) perfectly suited for swarm and collective robotics. It features many sensors, 2 magnetic wheels for vertical motion, and it can be remotely controlled thanks to its radio base-station.

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Size Chart

Overview of the Elisa-3 Mobile Robot

The Elisa-3 Mobile Robot is the perfect tool for collective and swarm robotics. It is a compact autonomous robot (5cm diameter) featuring a lot of sensors and two magnetic wheels that allow it to move vertically on appropriate materials.

The Elisa-3 Mobile Robot features an Atmel 2560 microcontroller allowing you to execute custom embedded programs. It can also be remotely controlled with a computer using the radio base-sation (not included). A micro-USB connector is provided to charge, program and debug the Elisa-3 Mobile Robot directly from your computer (cable not included).

The Elisa-3 Mobile Robot is equipped with 8 IR proximity sensors, 4 ground sensors, a 3-axis accelerometer. It alos provides odometry informations using back eletromotive force.

Elisa-3 Mobile RobotElisa-3 Mobile Robot












Content of the Elisa-3 Mobile Robot

WARNING: The Elisa-3 Mobile Robot is provided only with its integrated batteries. Depending on your available hardware, you may need the following items:

  • Micro-USB cable for charging, programming and debugging
  • Radio base-station with its mini-USB cable
  • Docking station for 3 Eliza-3 robots

Specifications of the Elisa-3 Mobile Robot

  • Dimensions: 50mm diameter, 30mm height
  • Weight: 39g
  • Reachargeable battery LiPo 2x130mAh, 3.7V. Autonomy: around 3h, recharging time: 1h30
  • Micro-USB port for charging, programming and debugging
  • Microcontroller: Atmel ATMega2560 8MHz 8 bits
  • Memory: 8KB RAM, 256KB Flash, 4KB EEPROM
  • Motors: 2 DC motors with 25:1 gear ratio, speed control using back electromotive force
  • Magnetic wheels: 8mm diameter, adhesion force of about 1N (100g), depends on the material and painting
  • Between wheels distance: 40.8mm
  • Maximum speed: 60cm/s
  • While plastic top diffuser
  • 8 IR proximity sensors 45° apart: measure ambient light and distance to objects up to 6cm
  • 4 ground sensors at the front
  • 3 IR emitters: 2 at the front, 1 at the back
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • 1 central RGB LED
  • 8 side green LEDs
  • 16 positions selector
  • Serial port communication up to 38kbps
  • 2.4GHz Radio communication module: distance up to 10m, throughput limited by the number of robots (250Hz for 4, 10Hz for 100)
  • IR Receiver for remote control
  • Extension ports:
    • 2 UART
    • 1 I2C
    • 2 PWM
    • Battery, ground
    • Analog and digital voltage
  • C/C++ programming using AVR-GCC, WinAVR, Arduino IDE

Resources of the Elisa-3 Mobile Robot

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