InterbotiX PhantomX Robot Turret for AX-12A or AX-18A (without servo motors)

InterbotiX PhantomX Robot Turret for AX-12A or AX-18A (without servo motors)

Trossen Robotics | A-000000-01289
InterbotiX PhantomX Robot Turret working with two AX-12A servomotors (not included).
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InterbotiX PhantomX Robot Turret

The InterbotiX PhantomX Robot Turret is a lightweight Pan/Tilt turret using the Dynamixel AX-12A or AX-18A or AX-12W. This turret is ideal for experimenting and robotics. This easy-to-assemble kit is based around the ArbotiX controller board, which is programmed in C with the help of the Arduino IDE. Add sensors, a camera, a laser pointer, etc. to make the most of the InterbotiX PhantomX Robot Turret.

Two AX-12A (or equivalent) servo motors are required to drive this turret. These are not included in this product and will have to be ordered in addition on this site.

The technical capabilities of the PhantomX Pan/Tilt turret are as follows:

  • Horizontal movement (Pan): 300°
  • Vertical movement (Tilt): 300°
  • Connection interface: USB or wireless via XBee (requires two XBee chips, not included, and a PC adaptor, not included)
  • The ArbotiX controller has 32 I/O, including 8 analogue inputs + an I²C interface

The turret’s assembly guide is available from the Trossen Roboticswebsite.

Contents of the InterbotiX PhantomX Robot Turret kit for Dynamixel AX-12A

The turret kit contains the following:

  • ArbotiX controller board
  • Bioloid black plastic frames F2, F3 & F8
  • Turret base and structural elements in ABS plastic
  • Supply 12 V (2 A)
  • FTDI USB cable

InterbotiX PhantomX Robot Turret example driver codes

Videos using the InterbotiX PhantomX turrets

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