5 cables 3 pins for servomotors XL-320 - 160 mm

5 cables 3 pins for servomotors XL-320 - 160 mm

5 cables 3 pins for servomotors XL-320 - 160 mm
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Choose quality cables for powering your Dynamixel XL servos tailored to your projects’ needs by opting for this pack of five 3P 160 mm Cables for XL Servos.
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3P 160 mm Cables for XL Servos: fast, accurate connection for XL servos!

Ideal for all projects and all types of robots fitted with XL-320 servos, this 903-0226-000 pack of five 3P 160 mm Cables stands out from the crowd because each cable is not only extremely flexible but also very strong thanks to a plastic coating.

3P 160 mm Cables for XL Servos: the ideal accessory for your XL servo motors

You want to ensure your mobile robot construction is a success or replace one of the servos in the DARwin-Mini Humanoid Robot, so you’ve opted for the compact yet high-performance Dynamixel XL-320 Servo. To make it even more efficient, make sure you use the right sort of cables! The 160 mm long XL-320 cables are intended specifically for powering your Dynamixel servos using the OpenCM9.04-B and OpenCM9.04-C controllers.

These 3P cables are not compatible with other servomotors from the Dynamixel range and are different from 3P traditional cables used for example in MX-28T or MX-64T servomotors.

Below is a table indicating each cable’s compatibility with the different servo ranges:

Compatibility table between cables and Dynamixel  servo motors range

Technical specifications of the pack of 3P 160 mm Cables for XL Servos (x5)

  • Pack of five 3P cables
  • Length: 160 mm
  • For Dynamixel servos in the XL series only
  • Compatible with Dynamixel XL-320 servos
  • Compatible with the OpenCM9.04-B and OpenCM9.04-C controllers
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