Reachy Modular Humanoid Robot

Reachy Modular Humanoid Robot

Reachy Modular Humanoid Robot
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Reachy is an open-source, modular and fully customisable humanoid robot developed by Pollen Robotics. It allows researchers, creators and teachers to develop their own AI and HMI robotics applications. It's also a great choice for companies looking for innovative solutions for interacting with employees, customers and visitors.

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Reachy robot: an open-source platform for manipulation and interaction

The Reachy open-source humanoid robot offers a versatile range of features for interacting with both its environment and its users. All ready for use in the field of artificial intelligence and equipped with a complete range of sensors, it was designed in particular for handling objects, human services (reception, assistance, guiding the public), communication, etc.

It has a modular and particularly user-friendly design: you can equip Reachy with 3, 4 or 6 modules and adapt it to your needs and budget. Reachy Basic comes with 3 modules: a base (the robot torso), an articulated robotic arm (7 DOF) made of Dynamixel MX servos from Robotis, and a manipulator in the form of a gripper or human hand.

Two other versions also exist: Reachy Expressive communicates easily with the public thanks to a head equipped with two cameras and an actuator designed by the Pollen Robotics R&D department. Its two mobile antennas also allow Reachy to communicate emotions.

And finally there's Advanced Reachy, which is equipped with all the available modules, i.e. a head, a torso, two robotic arms and two manipulators.

Reachy Open-Source Modular Humanoid Robot: Basic/Expressive/Advanced

A vast prototyping environment

The Pollen Robotics Reachy Modular Humanoid Robot offers extensive development possibilities for robotics application developers, researchers and academics.

  • 100% open-source, it has a user-friendly interface based on programming blocks that makes developing new applications easier.
  • It has an on-board computer for processing machine learning algorithms in offline mode. Its torso includes a microphone and speaker for interacting vocally with the robot.
  • Users can also develop new AI applications based on changes made to other Reachy robots: visual servoing, 3D tracking, automatic natural language processing, etc.

In short, it's an intelligent and versatile robot dedicated to education, research and robotics creation with a definite taste for human interaction.

A robot designed for services and reception

The Expressive and Advanced versions of the Reachy robot are designed especially for interacting with the public (during events for instance) in B2B and B2C environments:

  • Reachy can mimic human body and facial language to elicit empathy and facilitate communication with users
  • It has easy-to-use pre-installed features that allow it to play, serve coffee, play tunes and handle a number of items
  • It is an assistance and service robot that can be used at corporate events, in lobbies and in small companies to guide customers and visitors, provide information, show off its talents, etc.
  • Finally, its various features also make it a good choice for interacting with disabled people, particularly in terms of handling objects

Reachy is an intelligent robotics platform with a modular, ready-to-use architecture thanks to which companies can reduce their implementation costs by choosing the Reachy version that best suits their needs. This saves both time and money, while helping to create an interactive environment where robotics can be of service to humans.

Technical specifications of Reachy Basic/Expressive/Advanced

Included in the Basic version:

  • 1 x Base module (robot torso):
    • USB, HMDI and Ethernet connections
    • 100-240V standard supply
    • Built-in speaker and microphone
    • Powerful computer with a TPU for processing ML algorithms in offline mode
    • Fabric body: fully customisable
  • 1 x Robotic arm module:
Included in the Expressive version:
  • 1 x Base module (robot torso)
  • 1 x Robotic arm module with its manipulator module (gripper or hand)
  • 1 x Head module:
    • 2 Cameras: 1 to observe the environment, 1 to focus on the ongoing manipulation
    • 1 x Orbita actuator for head movements
Included in the Advanced version:
  • 1 x Base module (robot torso)
  • 2 x Robotic arm module
  • 2 x Manipulator module (gripper and/or hand)
  • 1 x Head module

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