Aluminium Mecanum Wheel 254 mm (Right)

Aluminium Mecanum Wheel 254 mm (Right)

Aluminium Mecanum Wheel 254 mm (Right)
Nexus Robotics Ltd. | A-000000-04030
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A Mecanum wheel for smooth control

Each Mecanum wheel is comprised of 12 nylon rollers mounted so that their axis of rotation is 45° to the axis of the main wheel. Once mounted on your robotised platform, these wheels can move forward, backward and sideways as they spin with great flexibility. By spinning pairs of wheels in opposite directions, you can have your robot spin continuously in a circle.

Technical specifications of the 14131R Mecanum wheel

  • Diameter: 254 mm
  • Depth: 95 mm
  • Number of rollers: 12
  • Number of plates: 2
  • Material (body): aluminium alloy
  • Material (rollers): nylon
  • Material (spacers): aluminium
  • Roller length: 92 mm
  • Roller diameter: 38.2 mm
  • Net weight: 3 kg
  • Load capacity: >50 kg

Resources for the 14131R wheel

Review the extensive collection of documents below for using your right aluminium Mecanum wheel from Nexus Robotics Ltd:

Data sheet
Wheel type
Mecanum wheel
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