Set of Large Tracked Wheels - 2 Pieces

Set of Large Tracked Wheels - 2 Pieces

Set of Large Tracked Wheels - 2 Pieces
Nexus Robotics Ltd. | A-000000-06550
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Add these wheels to your project today and get ready to conquer any terrain with ease!

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Size Chart
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The Power of All-Terrain Mobility

The large tracked wheels, also known as tank wheels, are a set of two robust and durable pieces designed specifically for tracked vehicle construction projects. Whether you are a modeling enthusiast, aspiring engineer, or robot enthusiast, these wheels are ideal for providing your creations with the necessary mobility and power to tackle any terrain.

  • Superior Quality: The tracked wheels are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and resistance to shocks. They are designed to withstand heavy use and are ready to take on any challenge.
  • Large Size: With their generous diameter, these wheels offer excellent grip and superior stability on all types of terrains. They are perfect for projects that require maximum traction and the ability to overcome difficult obstacles.
  • Track Design: The wheels feature a track pattern that enhances traction and provides excellent grip on smooth surfaces as well as rough terrains. The track design also ensures balanced weight distribution for better stability.
  • Easy Installation: The set includes all the necessary hardware for installation, making the process quick and simple. The wheels are compatible with various types of tracked vehicles and can be adapted to your specific needs.
  • Versatile Uses: These tracked wheels are suitable for a variety of projects, such as building off-road vehicles, autonomous robots, ground drones, and much more. Unleash your creativity and create unique machines with these high-performance wheels.

Technical Specifications of the 14152 Tracked Wheels

  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 160 mm x 452 mm x 96 mm
  • Load Capacity: 40 kg
  • Weight: 3.07 kg x 2
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