Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
Raspberry Pi | A-000000-04239
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Significantly more powerful and quicker, yet just as economical, the new Raspberry Pi 4 Model B board offers an impressive all-round performance compared to its previous version, bringing us one step closer to computer programming for the masses!

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Raspberry Pi 4: between 2 and 8 GB of RAM

Let’s begin with a non-exhaustive list of the new features that come with this Raspberry Pi 4 Model B:

  • 2, 4 or 8 GB of RAM, depending on which model you choose
  • A processor 3 times more powerful than the 3B+ Model, clocked at 1.5 GHz allowing integration of a VideoCore VI graphics chip, capable of managing 2 displays simultaneously in 4K resolution for example
  • Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, 2 USB 3 ports and 2 USB 2 ports
  • A 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz 802.11ac WiFi card
  • 2 micro-HDMI ports for dual display support
  • A USB-C power supply replacing the micro-USB port on previous versions
  • A Debian 10 Buster based operating system, with an updated and simplified user interface
Raspberry Pi 4 overview

Not to mention the 40-pin GPIO header backwards compatible with Raspberry Pi 3, the Pi camera port, the 4-pole audio/video port and its Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

Create your own DIY microcomputer with the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

These new features open new avenues for amateur IT projects. The Raspberry Pi 4 Model B offers enough power to create for example a true entry-level desktop computer or a dual-display gaming console. In short, more than enough to develop a multitude of new connected multimedia applications, and more.

As if this wasn’t enough, it also has an energy consumption on a par with that of the previous version, making the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B your ideal choice for working on embedded and robotics projects, and even designing industrial prototypes!

Technical specifications of the new Raspberry Pi

  • Processor: Broadcom BCM2711, Quad-Core Cortex-A72 (ARM v8) 64-bit SoC @ 1.5 GHz
  • Memory: 2GB, 4GB or 8GB (depending on the model)
  • Connectivity: 2.4 GHz/5.0 GHz IEEE 802.11.b/g/n/ac wireless LAN, Bluetooth 5.0, BLE, Gigabit Ethernet, 2 x USB 2.0/2 x USB 3.0 ports
  • GPIO: standard 40-pin GPIO header (fully backwards-compatible with previous boards)
  • Video & sound: 2 × micro HDMI ports (up to 4Kp60 supported), 2-lane MIPI DSI display port, 2-lane MIPI CSI camera port, 4-pole stereo audio and composite video port
  • Multimedia: H.265 (4Kp60 decode), H.264 (1080p60 decode, 1080p30 encode), OpenGL ES, 3.0 graphics
  • SD compatibility: microSD card slot for loading the operating system and storing data
  • Power: 5V DC via USB-C connector (minimum 3A), 5V DC via GPIO header (minimum 3A), Power over Ethernet (PoE)-enabled (requires separate PoE HAT)
  • Operating temperature: 0–50 °C
Raspberry Pi 4 technical schematic
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