Navis - Autonomous Navigation System for AgileX Robots

Navis - Autonomous Navigation System for AgileX Robots

Navis - Autonomous Navigation System for AgileX Robots
AgileX Robotics | A-000000-06564
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Navis is a autonomous navigation system compatible with all AgileX's robotic platforms. It is designed for semi-enclosed and fully enclosed scenarios.

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NAVIS: The Revolutionary Autonomous Navigation System by AgileX Robotics

Equipped with solid-state Lidar, depth cameras, and IMU, NAVIS offers advanced environmental perception and precise scene construction.

Thanks to the fusion of NAVIS Brain, NAVIS Bridge, and NAVIS Board, it enables robots to map the environment and avoid obstacles in real-time.

The NAVIS navigation system is compatible with the entire AgileX Robotics chassis series, adopting a fully-coupled perception solution. Various sensors provide comprehensive positioning, allowing the device to operate autonomously and safely.

The product is ready to use, with continuous iteration, free updates, low cost, and support for rapid mass production.

What are the benefits of NAVIS?

  • Integrated solid-state Lidar, with free space on top
  • Customizable multi-platform user interface for a simplified interactive experience
  • Complete safety protection thanks to the fusion of multiple sensors
  • More stable positioning based on 3D Lidar positioning

What applications does NAVIS have?

NAVIS is primarily designed for fully enclosed and semi-enclosed environments and can be applied to indoor and outdoor fusion scenarios. With the Navis Navigation system, Agilex Robotics aims to advance the industry by improving efficiency in sectors such as security, industrial automation, logistics, and transport.

Navis System Overview

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