Go2 Servo Robotic Arm

Go2 Servo Robotic Arm

Go2 Servo Robotic Arm
Unitree Robotics | A-000000-06589
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The Servo robotic arm of Unitree can cooperate with the Go2 quadruped robot. Lightweight and compact, it enables the robot to be even more powerful.


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A Robotic Arm to Go Further

Specially designed for the Go2 quadruped robot, the Servo robotic arm by Unitree Robotics allows the robot to be more powerful and perform even more tasks, such as picking up objects, for example.

Technical Specifications of Go2 Robotic Arm

  • Degrees of Freedom: 6
  • Payload: 500g
  • Reach: between 600mm and 715mm
  • Power Supply: 24V / 2.5A (max 5A)
  • Interface: DC5.5-2.1
  • Power: 60W
  • Communication Interface: RJ45
  • Joint Parameters: J1 ±135° / J2 ±90° / J3 ±90° / J4 ±135° / J5 ±90° / J6 ±135°
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