Unitree 4D LiDAR L1

Unitree 4D LiDAR L1

Unitree 4D LiDAR L1
Unitree Robotics | A-000000-06602
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The LiDAR 4D L1 developed by Unitree is a powerful detection sensor for small mobile robots, offering a 360° x 90° field of view, high precision, and optimal proximity detection.


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LiDAR L1: Hemispherical Field of View for Small Mobile Robots

Developed by Unitree, the LiDAR L1 is a high-end detection solution specially designed for small mobile robots. With a hemispherical field of view of 360° x 90°, this LiDAR 4D L1 provides accurate and reliable obstacle detection, facilitating navigation and proximity recognition for autonomous robots like the Unitree dogs, for example.

Key Features of Unitree Robotics LiDAR L1

  • Omnidirectional Vision: The LiDAR L1 offers a highly wide-angle omnidirectional scanning of 360° x 90°, eliminating blind spots and providing complete coverage of the robot's environment. This allows the robot to detect obstacles in all directions for safe navigation.
  • Ultra Wide Angle and High Precision: Thanks to its 360° x 90° field of view, the LiDAR L1 captures a high-precision and high-density point cloud, generating up to 1.5 million points per second. This ensures precise and reliable detection of surrounding objects.
  • Facilitated Proximity Detection: With a minimum detection distance of only 0.05 meters, the LiDAR L1 can spot nearby objects with great precision. This makes it easy to detect obstacles and navigate in restricted spaces.
  • Compact Size and Flexible Installation: The LiDAR L1 features a compact design of 75×75×65 mm and weighs only 230 grams, making it easy to integrate into various types of robots. Its lightweight also enables flexible installation without compromising performance.
  • Transparent Object Detection: The LiDAR L1 is capable of detecting transparent objects such as glass, making it versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Ambient Light Resistance: Thanks to its efficient resistance to indoor ambient light and outdoor glare, the LiDAR L1 achieves stable telemetry and high-precision mapping even under intense outdoor light conditions of 100,000 lux.

Technical Specifications of LiDAR 4D L1

  • Scanning distance:
  • L1 PM (Precision Measurement): 20m (@90% reflectivity) / 10m (@10% reflectivity)
  • L1 RM (Remote Measurement): 30m (@90% reflectivity) / 15m (@10% reflectivity)
  • FOV: 360° × 90
  • Measurement accuracy: ±2.0cm
  • Nearbyblind area: 0.05m
  • Sampling Frequency: 43,200 points/s
  • Effective Frequency: 21,600 points/s
  • Circumferential Scanning Frequency: 11Hz
  • Vertical Scanning Frequency: 180Hz
  • Communication Interface: TTL UART
  • IMU: 3-axis Acceleration + 3-axis Gyroscope
  • Eye Safety Level: Class 1 (IEC60825-1:2014)
  • 4D Data: 3D Position + 1D in grayscale
  • Anti-Reflection Capacity: >100Klux
  • Power Consumption: 6W
  • Dimensions: 75×75×65 mm
  • Weight: 230g
  • Usage: Indoor and Outdoor
  • Technology: Laser TOF (Time of Flight)
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