Warthog Land Drone

Warthog Land Drone

Warthog Land Drone
Clearpath Robotics | A-000000-02850
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The Warthog ROS mobile robot is an amphibious unmanned ground vehicle of impressive dimensions and with a corresponding payload capacity. Not only that, but it moves quickly too!

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Warthog, the land drone that enjoys mud

You’ve already explored forests, plains and stony paths, now you can tackle marshes, ponds and large puddles. Clearpath Robotics ' Warthog is a 100% waterproof mobile robot of a heavy-duty steel and aluminium design suitable for all types of terrain. Capable of travelling at 18 km/h on dry ground, it can maintain a speed of 4 km/h once in the water. Measuring 1.5 m in length, 1.3 m wide and weighing some 600 kg, this unmanned vehicle is quite a hulk. You can load up to 272 kg of various equipment on its platform.

And to help it crawl around with ease, the Warthog’s designers have given it a comfortable ground clearance of over 25 cm. Who knows what its next mission will be!

A Clearpath “ROS Ready” mobile robot

With so many mechanical strengths, it would’ve been a shame to not be able to use this super-powerful drone to its full capacity. Which is why its on-board computer includes a pre-installed and configured ROS. Its open-source environment gives you access to a multitude of documents and project examples. And for an even richer experience, it offers a whole range of customisation possibilities:

  • You can configure multiple I/Os (Ethernet, WiFi, USB, remote control) to surf the different control modes
  • There are a multitude of accessories you can mount on the platform: LiDAR range finder, GPS module, robotic arm, etc.

Technical specifications of the Warthog robot

  • Speed and performance:
    • Max. speed: 18 km/h
  • Autonomy:
    • Lead acid battery option: 2.5 h
    • Li-ion battery option: 6 h
    • Power sources: 5V, 12V (24 and 48V optional)
  • Fully amphibious (max. 4 km/h in water)
  • Drivers and programming interfaces: ROS Indigo (with RViz and Gazebo support); Matlab API available
  • Interfacing and communication:
  • Control modes: remote control, computer-controlled velocity commands, indoor/outdoor autonomy packages
  • Feedback: battery voltage, motor currents, wheel odometry, control system status, temperature, safety status
  • Communication: Ethernet, USB, remote control, WiFi
  • Environment:
  • Operating ambient temperature: -20 to 40 °C
  • Storage temperature: -40 to 50 °C
  • Protection rating: IP65
  • Dimensions and weight:
  • Dimensions: 1.52 x 1.38 x 0.83 m
  • Base weight (with battery): 280 kg
  • Gross vehicle weight: 590 kg
  • Max. payload: 272 kg
  • Ground clearance: 254 mm

Resources for the Warthog drone

Your Warthog unmanned ground vehicle comes with a complete documentation pack, we’ve grouped everything together below for you!


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