TeraRanger One B Frame

TeraRanger One B Frame

TeraRanger One B Frame
Terabee | A-000000-02337
End of life product

Welcome to TeraRanger, the family of ToF light-as-a-feather and fast-as-lightning distance sensors all set to revolutionise your mobile robot’s autonomous navigation system. Here we present the TeraRanger One B Frame, the twin brother of the TeraRanger One A Spider… give or take a few minor details!


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TeraRanger One B Frame: the Terabee distance sensor that loves to be forgotten

The start-up Terabee has developed a new range of small and extremely efficient distance sensors in collaboration with CERN, incorporating time-of-flight technology and offering no end of advantages:

  • Both tiny and lightweight, they can be integrated into all on-board navigation systems on both mobile robots and drones without affecting their performance;
  • They offer a resolution and precision by far superior to those of an equivalent ultrasonic sensor;
  • You can choose between two communication interfaces (UART or TWI) and they are USB compatible (adapter sold separately);
  • They are also ROS compatible and can be connected to 3D mapping software (SLAM).


Time Of Flight TOF technology

TeraRanger One by Terabee: the B-side

Terabee offers two main TeraRanger One ToF distance sensor models: model A and model B. Model B, shown here, offers more precise readings of obstacles in daylight, while model A performs better indoors.


Teraranger sensors applications


It’s worth noting that both sensors (A and B) can operate simultaneously. As for the Frame design, it’s very similar to that of the model A Spider. A fine yellow plastic frame has simply been added to distinguish it from the TeraRanger One A Spider.


Learn more about the TeraRanger One sensors

Technical specifications of the Terabee ToF distance sensor

  • ToF distance sensor
  • Range: 20 cm to more than 14 m indoors (at least 5 or 6 m in sunlight)
  • Update rate: 1000 Hz in fast mode (up to 600 Hz in precision mode)
  • Resolution: 0.5 cm
  • Accuracy: up to +/-4 cm in precision mode, 5 to 10 cm in fast mode
  • Field of view: 3°
  • Supply voltage: 12 Vdc recommended, 10–20 Vdc accepted
  • Supply current: 50 mA average (110 mA peak @ 12V)
  • Dimensions: 32 x 29 x 18 mm
  • Weight: 8 g (Frame design)
  • Interface 1: UART, +5V, up to 115200,8,N,1 (factory default when shipped)
  • Interface 2: TWI (I2C compatible), +5V
  • Connector: 15 pin DF13 (open-ended cable provided)


Technical specifications of the TeraRanger   One A Spider

Resources for the TeraRanger One B Frame ToF sensor

The TeraRanger One B Frame sensor comes with everything you need, as you’ll see:

Data sheet
Supply voltage
12 Vdc
Scanning frequency
100-1800 Hz
Aperture angle
Scanning range
10-19 m
Laser beams
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