Gripper 1"Standard" for Niryo One robot arm

Gripper 1"Standard" for Niryo One robot arm

Niryo | A-000000-04322

The Niryo One robot arm comes with the Gripper 1. Though, you can acquire an additional unit separately, to act as a spare for example.

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Size Chart
Size Chart

Gripper 1 "Standard" for a good start with Niryo One

This small gripper will allow you to grab things of a width up to 27 mm. Strong and precise, it is perfect to discover what your robot can do!

A Gripper 1 is included with the Niryo One robotic arm. Two other grippers of bigger capacity are available as well.

Technical specifications of Gripper 1 "Standard"

  • Weight : 70 g
  • Payload: 450-500 g
  • Length (gripper closed) : 80 mm
  • Max. opening width : 27 mm
  • Picking distance from end effector base : 60 mm
  • Servomotor type : Dynamixel XL-320

Resources for the Niryo One 6-axis robotic arm for education

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