Gripper 2  "Large" for Niryo One robot arm

Gripper 2 "Large" for Niryo One robot arm

Niryo | A-000000-04323

Middle size gripper for your Niryo One robot arm. With it, you can grab items up to 59 mm wide.

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Size Chart
Size Chart

Gripper 2 "Large" for Niryo One : for double sized items!

The Niryo One robotic arm comes with a small gripper, capable of holding 27 mm wide items. With Gripper 2, your robot is now able to seize items that are more than twice as wide as with Gripper 1!

Besides, the fingers of the gripper stay parallel during opening, to ensure a firm prehension and prevent the item from sliding.

Technical specifications of Gripper 2 "Large"

  • Weight : 86 g
  • Length (gripper closed) : 120 mm
  • Max. opening width : 59 mm
  • Picking distance from end effector base : 80 mm
  • Servomotor type : Dynamixel XL-320

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