Mecanum Wheel Aluminum 203mm

Mecanum Wheel Aluminum 203mm

Mecanum Wheel Aluminum 203mm
Nexus Robotics Ltd. | A-000000-06540
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The Mecanum Wheel (8 inches) 203mm offers improved maneuverability and high reliability, making it an ideal choice for your mobile robotics needs.

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Improved Maneuverability for Mobile Robots

The Mecanum Wheel (8 inches) 203mm is an excellent choice for mobile robots requiring precise maneuverability and enhanced performance. With its unique design and high-quality construction, this Mecanum wheel provides exceptional capabilities to navigate various environments.

  • Omnidirectional movement: This enables the robot to move smoothly in all directions without requiring complex steering mechanisms.
  • Superior agility: With a diameter of 8 inches (203mm), this wheel is handy in confined spaces or during delicate maneuvers.
  • Versatility on surfaces: The integrated rollers offer optimal grip on a variety of surfaces, including smooth floors, carpets, and even slightly uneven surfaces. This allows the robot to move confidently and smoothly on different terrains.
  • High quality and durability: Manufactured with high-quality materials, this Mecanum wheel is designed to withstand the demands of intensive robotic applications. The high-quality rollers ensure long-lasting performance, minimizing wear and extending the wheel's lifespan.
  • Easy integration: The Mecanum Wheel (8 inches) 203mm is compatible with a variety of platforms and robotic systems, facilitating its integration into your existing project.

Technical Specifications of the Mecanum Wheel 203mm

  • Diameter: 8 inches (203mm)
  • Width: 78mm
  • Number of rollers: 12
  • Number of plates: 2
  • Body material: Aluminum alloy
  • Roller material: Nylon
  • Spacer material: Aluminum
  • Roller length: 67mm
  • Weight: 1.6kg
  • Load capacity: 50kg

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