Dynamixel - XD serie

The XD series is an improved version of the XH series with a longer lifespan (x2 or x3). It is part of the Dynamixel brand's high performance range. The XD actuators have the same footprint as the XH and XM series.

Schéma Servomoteurs Dynamixel

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The new XD430-T210-R is the latest addition to the Dynamixel family of X-series actuators, offering a performance package that Robotis enthusiasts will be familiar with, in addition to greater robustness and durability.

SKU: 902-0179-000

The XD430-T350-R actuator is another long-lasting servo by Dynamixel, just as efficient, 100% programmable, three times stronger and more robust!

The Dynamixel XD540-T150-R servo motor combines the advantages of the Robotis’ all-in-one programmable servos with a structure and gearing more robust and durable than ever.

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The new XD series of Dynamixel servo motors offers long-life versions of its XH servos.