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Robots for professional use: robotic arms, latest-generation service robots, mobile bases for transport, safety or exploration, sensors and actuators for advanced prototyping (LiDAR, NVIDIA Jetson...). Our products are often ROS-compatible.

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Zora is a software compatible with the Softbank Robotics NAO humanoid robots. The Zora suite includes a guide function, gym exercises, games, story and news reading, quizzes, and more.


Cruzr is a new-generation service robot, an autonomous humanoid robot designed to optimise relations both with customers and between company employees.

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PEPPER for Business Edition, developed by Aldebaran Softbank Robotics, is a programmable humanoid robot, designed to be used in professional environments.

Level 1 training for the NAO robot. This "Buddy" NAO training is an introduction to NAO programming with the Choregraphe software. You will also have a first look at some more advanced features of Choregraphe, such as the addition of Python scripts or dialogs.

The transport case for PEPPER humanoid robot provides a safe and easy transportation to take it wherever you go.

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This NAO Level 2 training - 3 days: "Master", aimed at more advanced users, will teach you to program and control NAO with Python. You will also learn how to create new modules in Python or C++ in order to add your own code in the Aldebaran architecture.

Thanks to this single pole stand, your visitors will know how to interact with your Pepper robot easily.

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A behaviour to install on your NAO robot so it will greet members of the public and carry out presentations you have designed. This behaviour is ideal for any organisation that has to receive members of the public and wants to stand out from the others as regards its innovation and technology capacity. The NAO robot attracts the public and performs interactive presentations that can include images, sounds, video, and quizzes.


The transport case for humanoid NAO robot provides a safe and easy transportation to take it wherever you go.

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With the “Follow Me” application, you can take your Pepper robot by the hand, and he will gently follow you. This application has been developed by Génération Robots.


Your NAO robot is smart – so it needs to communicate with you, and you with it! For this, there’s nothing simpler: simply use the YEOLab app. YEOLab School for 3 is designed for educational projects carried out by groups of 3 students, supervised by 1 teacher.

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This 3 days training with Pepper will allow you to become autonomous in the programming of this robot and in the creation of applications. Please contact us for more information about the price of these trainings.

Teach your students how to program as a team with YEOLab School for 6 – connect up to 7 tablets to the NAO robot, 6 for your students and 1 for you, then change its behaviour and actions!

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YEOLab Classic is an app designed for communicating with the NAO robot and controlling and changing its behaviour, using a simple and fun programming environment. Ideal for workshops organised in class!

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Whether it’s to replace your charger, have an extra charger, or just charge several batteries at once, this NAO battery charger will let you use your NAO programmable humanoid robot even longer! Compatible with NAO version 4, 5 & 6

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The NAO POD Docking Station is the new-generation docking station designed by Avatarion. It offers a multitude of features for your NAO robot, from wireless charging to hotspot connections.


NAO6 in dark gray is the sixth generation of the interactive humanoid robot NAO, developed by SoftBank Robotics, and is autonomous and fully programmable. This robot is aimed at the professionals and academics.