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Increase the life of your NAO programmable humanoid robot with an additional battery. Compatible with NAO V 4, 5 and 6. 

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The kit Robotis Premium kit is a high quality programmable robotics kit, dedicated both to enthusiast and education. You will always find your happiness in this complete kit!

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Prepare a docking station for your Leo Rover to meet all your land robot's needs!

The xArm Gripper is aflexible collaborative gripper that adapts perfectly to your UFactory arms.

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With the Lighthouse Explorer package, you'll have all the necessary components at your disposal to assess the Lighthouse positioning system.

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Spot Public Safety protects individuals and assess dangerous situations, all while ensuring safety.

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Redefine service excellence with the LuckiBot Pro Server Robot: your ultimate partner for an innovative dining experience and optimized task management.

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Available in 4 versions, the Go2 Edu Plus robot is an ideal tool for Research, Education, and Robotics. It integrates Artificial Intelligence and a 4D LiDAR with hemispheric vision.

The Diablo robot is an innovative robot with 3 different movement modes, which can be used for Research and Development as well as a variety of commercial applications.

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Discover LIMO, a robot based on an Agilex mobile platform. This evolutionary robotic structure is dedicated to the development of artificial intelligence. LIMO is available in 3 versions: LIMO, LIMO PRO, and LIMO ROS2.

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This Niryo Ned 2 compatible conveyor belt is a robot arm accessory you can use to design your next industrial production line or improve your robotics programming education.

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The SWD® Starter Kit is a development kit for AGVs (automated guided vehicles), AGCs (automated guided carts) and AMRs (autonomous mobile robots). You can use it to rapidly begin developing your own mobile robot compatible with the ez-Wheel SWD® Safety Wheel Drive technology.

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The AgileX Bunker Mini 2.0 tracked mobile robot is a small UGV that performs well on all terrains.

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The Omnivision extension for the e-puck 2 robot is a colour camera with panoramic vision that you can connect directly to the robot’s microcontroller or to its Pi-Puck extension.

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The Robotis Engineer Kit 1 includes a set of robotics solutions for education, app development and competition. With this kit, you can create various articulated, smart robotics platforms.

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Remember the TurtleBot3 Waffle, the advanced robotics platform with the distinctive shape? Meet the TurtleBot3 Waffle Pi, a brand new mobile robot featuring a Raspberry Pi 3 and a compatible camera module!

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Operating with five intelligent Dynamixel servomotors, the WidowX robot arm offers some great opportunity.

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A behaviour to install on your NAO robot so it will greet members of the public and carry out presentations you have designed. This behaviour is ideal for any organisation that has to receive members of the public and wants to stand out from the others as regards its innovation and technology capacity. The NAO robot attracts the public and performs interactive presentations that can include images, sounds, video, and quizzes.


The STEM Ranging Bundle is based on a Crazyflie 2.X equipped with a Flow Deck V2 and a Multi-ranger deck. It represents an autonomous drone controllable through a simple Python script, ideal for exploring and operating a robot in three dimensions. It has the capability to detect obstacles in its environment, and you will be able to perform your first interactive flight with full autonomy.

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This annual subscription grants you access to all the online courses on the The Construct platform. Most of these courses will help you learn ROS or enhance your ROS skills.

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Discover the ROSbot XL Mobile Robot by Husarion, an autonomous mobile robotic platform designed for Research and Development, rapid prototyping, and creating custom robots for a variety of indoor applications.

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The MiniBot is a revolutionary service robot distinguished by its welcoming, entertainment, and interactive capabilities. It boasts a powerful voice function, a large interactive screen, and advanced features.

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Go2 Air: The most accessible version of the Go2 series, the Go2 Air robot can perform a variety of poses, perceive its surroundings, and make decisions.

Discover the Vitirover Academic, an ecological robot made in France, ideal for higher education and research. Powered by solar panels and with four drive wheels, it's perfect for complex terrain. Programme it easily via web, Python or ROS interfaces and add sensors for your projects.

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