Battery charger for the NAO humanoid robot

Battery charger for the NAO humanoid robot

Battery charger for the NAO humanoid robot
Aldebaran (URG) | A-000000-01334
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Whether it’s to replace your charger, have an extra charger, or just charge several batteries at once, this NAO battery charger will let you use your NAO programmable humanoid robot even longer! Compatible only with the new Nao V6 batteries
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Presentation of the battery charger for the NAO humanoid robot

Don’t waste any more time charging your NAO! By using a second battery as well as this AC-NACH NAO Next Gen and NAO Evolution battery charger, you’ll be able to change your NAO programmable humanoid robot, et battery easily and so continue your demos without interruption.

NOTE: The NAO programmable humanoid robot can be used while it is powered, however the battery will only be charged if the NAO robot is switched off and connected to the battery charger.

Technical specifications of the NAO humanoid robot battery charger

Here are the technical specifications of the NAO battery charger:

  • Input:
    • 100–240 Vac
    • 50/60 Hz
    • Max. 1.2A
  • Output:
    • 25.2 Vdc
    • 2A

Resources for the NAO humanoid robot battery charger

Below is a link to manufacturer Aldebaran Robotics’ documentation explaining how to charge the NAO safely and efficiently.

Aldebaran Robotics’ NAO battery charger documentation

    I just received my Nao robot, I try to interract with it, but I don't get any answers.

    Basic Channel needs to be installed on your Nao robot. For more information, just follow this link.

    Can I download the Choreographe software before receiving my NAO robot, in order to start learning how to use it?

    You can download the software for the robot. On the first start of Choregraph you can use the code below: 654e-4564-153c-6518-2f44-7562-206e-4c60-5f47-5f45 . To download the software, just follow this link.

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