Robotis Engineer - kit 2

Robotis Engineer - kit 2

Robotis Engineer - kit 2
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This new Robotis Engineer kit designed for higher education in robotics and programming comes equipped with Raspberry Pi V2 camera module and a Raspi Zero Board to develop your robotic vision skills.

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Robotis Engineer Kit 2: camera vision + Python programming + 3D printing

The 2nd Robotis Engineer kit allows you to deploy a new pool of knowledge and skills, while keeping the playful aspect of this metamorphic robot. 3 new models of robots are indeed possible: the humanoid robot Max-E2, the Scorpi robot and the Commando robot, tank-shaped.

Examples of what can be done with Robotis Engineer Kit 2

Warning: Robotis Engineer Kit2 requires components from Robotis Engineer Kit1 to assemble these robots.

  • The innovation of this kit n°2 comes from the addition of a robotic vision functionality thanks to the Raspberry Pi module and the new Raspberry Pi Zero to drive it;
  • This new kit also includes a Python library to build sophisticated programs both in the class and in your research lab;
  • Lastly, this robotic kit offers new material possibilities thanks to the support of 3D printing . CAD STL files are provided to you to manufacture new parts, and thus test new configurations for your robot...

Original applications thanks to robot vision and distance detection

The addition of a camera and a microcontroller to process the data thus collected allows you to spice up your activities with the Robotis Engineer kit.

Features of the Robotis Engineer Kit 2 robotic kit
  • Your humanoid robot is thus able to recognize your face and to greet you, as well as to film in real time the videos of its wanderings, for an even more precise piloting in its environment;
  • In the Commando version , the tank can be remotely controlled and can follow coloured lines;
  • The Scorpi robot adapts its movements according to the gestures printed on the remote control device (smartphone, tablet, etc.). Shake your smartphone to make it attack with its tail.

Technical specifications of the Robotis Engineer 2 kit

  • Raspberry Pi Zero W:
    • 1 GHz single-core CPU
    • 512MB RAM
    • Mini HDMI port
    • Micro USB OTG port
    • Micro USB power
  • CSI camera connector (v1.3 only)

Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2:

  • Resolution: 2592 x 1944 pixels
  • Size: 25 x 23 x 9 mm
  • LED Module:
  • Allowable Voltage: 3,5-5 V
  • Weight: 12 g
  • Size: 99,2 x 44,5 x 8 mm

Dynamixel XL430-W250-T (x5) : Stall Torque: 1,5 Nm (@ 12 V, 1,4 A) No Load Speed: 61 RPM (@ 12 V) Gear Ratio: 258,5:1 Engineering Plastic Case Plastic Gear Weight: 57,2 g Size: 28,5 x 46,5 x 34 mm Distance sensor DMS-80: Detecting Distance: 10 to 80 cm Recommanded Voltage Supply: 4,5 - 5,5 V Weight: 4,4 g Included: 1 servomotor SM-10 1 BT-410 dongle 1 EF25 LED module Structural parts, screws and connection cables

Robotis Engineer Robotics Kit # 2 Resources

Download the resources and applications needed to run your Robotis Engineer Kit 2:

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