Pioneer P3-DX mobile robot
Pioneer P3-DX mobile robot

Pioneer P3-DX mobile robot

Adept | A-000000-02257

The Pioneer P3-DX is a compact differential-drive mobile robot which has become the reference platform for robotics research. A 100% programmable, very reliable and highly customisable robot, the Pioneer P3-DX includes a high-precision motion controller and navigates swiftly, avoiding obstacles along the way. DISCONTINUED PRODUCT

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Size Chart

Pioneer P3-DX by Adept: a star for your lab

The Pioneer P3-DX research mobile robot by Adept is a differential-drive platform designed to last: its lacquered aluminium makes it lightweight and rugged – and capable of negotiating all obstacle courses in style.

Like other research robots, this one benefits from a complete ROS for the purposes of programming at will, thanks to the Pioneer SDK and its 5 dedicated tools:

  • ARIA and its rich C++ code library (Linux and Windows compatible);
  • MobileEyes, which allows you to remotely steer and monitor your robot;
  • MobileSim, which simulates all the possible configurations;
  • Mapper 3 for mapping functions; and
  • SONARNL, which provides sonar-based approximate localisation and navigation.


Possible uses and customisation of the P3-DX robot

With the P3-DX, it’s possible to carry out a wide range of experiments in a lab or a workshop, ranging from autonomous navigation, manipulation and mapping to remote-controlled applications. This versatile platform opens up the way to other possibilities thanks to the various software and hardware options available:

  • software applications for a better control and precision of the robot’s movements, and for colour and speech recognition;
  • hardware options to increase mobility, precision and interactivity – robotised grippers and arms (with integrated support), video camera, ultrasonic motion sensor, joystick, gyroscope, and so on.


Technical specifications of the P3-DX robot by Adept

  • 1.6 mm lacquered aluminium body
  • Foam-filled rubber tires
  • Weight: 9 kg
  • Maximum payload: 17 kg
  • Turn radius: 0 cm
  • Swing radius: 26.7 cm
  • Max. speed: 1.2 m/s (peaks up to 1.6 m/s)
  • Rotation speed: 300°/s
  • Max. traversable step: 2.5 cm
  • Max. traversable gap: 5 cm
  • Max. traversable grade: 25 %
  • Traversable terrain: indoor, wheelchair accessible
  • Autonomy: 8-10 hours with 3 batteries (with no accessories)
  • Charge time: 12 hours (standard) or 2 hours (optional high-capacity charger)
  • Supply voltage: 5V @ 1.5A; 12V @ 2.5A
  • Up to 3 12V 7.2 Ah lead acid batteries
  • Hot-swappable batteries
  • Available recharge options:
    • Docking station
    • Direct plug-in
    • Powercube (3-battery charging bay)
  • Microcontroller I/O:
    • 32 digital inputs
    • 8 digital outputs
    • 7 analogue inputs
    • 3 serial expansion ports
  • User control panel:
    • MIDI programmable piezoelectric buzzer
    • Power indicator
    • Battery recharge indicator
    • 2 AUX power switches
    • Reset
    • Motor enable push-button
  • This Pioneer robot includes front sonar and one of three battery. Charger sold seperately


Resources for the P3-DX

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