Training - Learn how to program PEPPER - 3 days

Training - Learn how to program PEPPER - 3 days

Training - Learn how to program PEPPER - 3 days
Génération Robots Lab | A-000000-02584
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This 3 days training with Pepper will allow you to become autonomous in the programming of this robot and in the creation of applications. Please contact us for more information about the price of these trainings.


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Pepper robot programming training

Generation Robots, official partner of Softbanks Robotics, has been chosen to provide trainings on the Pepper robot, developed by Softbank Robotics. You just acquired a Pepper and you have no programming knowledge ?

Pepper training is for you ! One of our Pepper programming engineers will help you in your first steps during this 3 days training. He will show you how to exploit the potential of your Pepper so that you can create your first behaviors and applications with your robot. Sessions includes exercises and theory.

Pepper training : learn how to program Pepper

You will learn how to program Pepper and how to use the Choregraphe software.

This training is intended for beginners or advanced level developers (the dates of the sessions are planned according to the level of the participants).

The goal: to make you autonomous in programing the Pepper robot and creating Pepper applications.

You will learn in particular :

  • Dialogue and human-robot vocal interaction
  • Motion management of the Pepper robot
  • Display and interaction with the tablet
  • Connection with external services, webservices, external APIs

Prerequisites for the Pepper Training

  • Be registered for the training session
  • No experience with the robot is required, however you are required to have an intermediate level in programming (Python basics)
  • Bring your own laptop for the training session
  • Have downloaded the the following software :
    • Last Choregraphe version
    • Python 2.7
    • Naoqi Python SDK
  • ALl these software are downloadable free of charge on the Softbank Robotics website: software necessary for Pepper/NAO operation
  • You will also need a Python editor (ultraedit, pycharm,...)
  • Preferably, configure your computer to run Python from a command line (PATH/PYTHONPATH …)
  • If you need, here are installation instructions for these programs

During the Pepper programming training you will cover the following topics:

  • Resource management
  • Sub behavorial management
  • Event management
  • Animation creation
  • Man-robot interaction

Content of the Pepper training delivered by Generation Robots


Presentation of the robot (hardware part)

  • Sensors and actuators
  • Hardware architecture
  • Sensors, emotion detection, object and face recognition, obstacle detection
  • Network connection and settings (WiFI and wired)

Tools and software to program Pepper robot (Python and Choregraphe)

  • Introduction and installation of the software suite: Choregraphe, Python, IDE and NAOqi, web interface, documentation and user interface
  • Applications, behaviors and Autonomous Life
  • Pepper connection and use of the web interface
  • Robot and software update
  • Flow diagram, 3D view, rigidity and behavior manager
  • Start/stop an application

Main features of the Pepper robot

  • Aldebaran box library (move, talk, hear, see) and creation of new “boxes”, inputs & outputs
  • Movement creation and editing using a chronology that records motor movements
  • Use of Pepper features: image processing, text-to-speech, voice recognition and intertial navigation
  • Creation of new “boxes” and addition to the Aldabaran box library

Architecture and application templates

  • Creating modules/services in Python - theory and practice
  • Using the Qicli tool
  • Communication between services

Memory, events and signals

  • Robot memory and signal management (almemory, signals…)


Dialogue and qichat

  • Communicate, dialogue with the Pepper robot
  • Dialogue and human-robot interaction (qichat, topics, proposals)
  • Discovering qichat syntax, creating rules - theory and practice
  • Basic channel, collaborative dialogue

Tablet and qimessaging

  • Hardware presentation, connection to the tablet
  • Displaying a web page, image or video on the tablet
  • Presentation and use of the Javascript qimessaging library
  • Debugging and development tools
  • Synchronization of the tablet with the Pepper robot behavior


Animation of the Pepper robot

  • Dance, movement, navigation
  • Create an animation with the TImeline Editor

Sound and animation libraries

  • Introduction to Softbank Robotics resources
  • Animation, sound and animation library

Good debugging practices

  • Robotic Practical Work: service development (module)
  • Creating an app package

How to register ?

To register for a training session, please send us your request via our contact form or by email to specifying the dates you have chosen. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your request as soon as it has been validated by our services

7 days before the training, any request for registration or cancellation will no longer be accepted. Registration is limited to 10 people.

A la carte trainings

If you wish that the training be personalized according to your needs (training in the desired language) or that it takes place at the address of your choice, thank you to address your request via our contact form, by email at or by telephone at 05 56 39 37 05, we will establish you a personalized quote. There is a 2 day “coaching” extension to this training, where participants can develop their own application(s).

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