Pepper Follow me Application - 1 robot perpetual license

Pepper Follow me Application - 1 robot perpetual license

Pepper Follow me Application - 1 robot perpetual license
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With the “Follow Me” application, you can take your Pepper robot by the hand, and he will gently follow you. This application has been developed by Génération Robots.

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Presentation of the “Follow Me” application

Thanks to the “Follow Me” app, developed by Génération Robots, Pepper will follow your movement. The Pepper robot, developed by Softbank Robotics, is currently one of the most advanced service robots on the market. However, his movement capabilities haven’t be really exploited, applications requiring travel or mapping, being rather the domain of mobile robotic platforms, such as SLAMTECT’s Apollo mobile base.

Natively, the Pepper robot cannot follow you or move if he is alone. His operator must gently push it so he can move.

The “Follow Me” application takes human-machine interaction a step further by allowing you to guide your Pepper robot, wich will gently follow you wherever you go.

The principle is simple : the “Follow Me” application transforms the two Pepper arms into directional joystick.

Its use is really easy and intuitive : to launch the “Follow Me” application, you just have to touch the back of Pepper’s hand for 3 seconds. To start the app, you can also tell Pepper “Follow Me !”.

To steer Pepper, juste use Pepper’s arm, like a joystick: push the arm to the right or left, Pepper will go in that direction, pull the arm slightly back, Pepper will back up, raise his arms slightly, he will accelerate!

“Follow Me!” is the third application created by Génération Robots for Softbanks Robotics’ robotics platforms. We have also developed the modular application “SMART Pepper” and “NAO Presenter” for the NAO robot.

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