ICT-01 Caterpillar for TurtleBot3

ICT-01 Caterpillar for TurtleBot3

ICT-01 Caterpillar for TurtleBot3
Robotis | A-000000-03198
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The ICT-01 component for TurtleBot3 allows you to replace the used caterpillar parts of your robot quickly and easily. Here you go again!

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40 ICT-01 spare parts for TurtleBot3

This set includes 40 caterpillar parts for your TurtleBot3 robotised tank (one of the many configurations possible with the Robotis modular platform). Once the parts fitted into place, they can be used with 2 TB3 wheels (not included in this set).

Technical specifications of the TurtleBot3 caterpillar parts

  • 40 TB3 ICT-01 caterpillar parts
  • Compatible with the TB3 wheel (not included)
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