AR10 Humanoid Robotic Hand for Baxter robot

AR10 Humanoid Robotic Hand for Baxter robot

AR10 Humanoid Robotic Hand for Baxter robot
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This robotic hand fits (almost) all the capabilities of a human hand: it’s autonomous, smart, powerful, and agile, and will delight your research lab team or your robotics students!

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AR10 Robotic Hand: 10 degrees of humanity

The AR10 Robotic Hand has been designed to ensure a durable and robust, yet lightweight hybrid construction. It features 10 degrees of freedom offering an extensive set of movements and grips for your robotics experiments.



Made of anodised aluminium and plastic, this platform works just like a human hand thanks to 10 servo-actuated fingers connected to a high-precision controller. It is equipped with all the connectivity options you need to perform your programming or communication tasks.

The hand is fully ROS compliant, making the AR10 compatible with Rviz and MoveIt! for instance. These tools enable complex programming tasks and motion planning.

Whether on Windows, Linux, Mac, or Arduino, the AR10 Hand gives you the flexibility to work with your platform of choice. This humanoid robotic hand couldn’t be more appealing!

AR10 Robotic Hand: a robotics platform you can customise as you see fit

As a stand-alone platform, the AR10 Robotic Hand allows you to work for hours on end, in your lab or your classroom. Yet you can also use it at the end of a robot arm such as Rethink Robotics’ Baxter robot, as it features all the necessary connectors to quickly give a hand to your Baxter robot!



With 4 extra analogue inputs for expansion, your AR10 can become even more sensitive, intelligent, and autonomous when you add selected sensors.

Technical specifications of the AR10 Robotic Hand

Specifications of the AR10 Robotic Hand:

  • 10 degrees of freedom with Actuonix linear actuators
  • Compatible software: GUI (Pololu Maestro Control Centre), Python, fully ROS compatible (including Rviz and MoveIt!)
  • Connectivity: USB or serial, 4 extra analogue inputs
  • Construction: anodised aluminium core, plastic linkages and circuit board carriers

Contents of each pack:

  • AR10 Robotic Hand
  • USB A/Mini-USB adapter cable
  • USB drive
  • User guide

Resources for the AR10

Don’t get started without reviewing this extensive collection of documents for mounting, using, and programming your AR10 Robotic Hand:

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