Annual License ZBOS for Service Robots

Annual License ZBOS for Service Robots

Annual License ZBOS for Service Robots
Zora Bots | A-000000-02664
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The ZBOS software license, developed by Zora Bots, is an innovative solution designed to enhance the performance and capabilities of Nao, Pepper, Cruzr, LuckiBot, and MiniBot robots.

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ZBOS: A Software with a Wide Range of Features

The ZBOS license offers a comprehensive range of essential features for robots, enhancing their versatility, security, and interactivity. It comes in the form of an intuitive platform to provide the best user experience.

Many Available Applications

  • GoVirtual: This application allows you to replicate real-world elements in a virtual environment.
  • ZBOS RAIL: This is the multi-platform core of ZBOS, ensuring seamless compatibility with all devices and facilitating the rapid integration of new devices.
  • ZBOS Control: Available on mobile devices and web browsers, it provides full access to all ZBOS features. Tools like Composer (a no-code environment) and Task Manager (a trigger-based task manager) simplify the creation of complex scenarios.
  • ZBOS Kiosk: This fully customizable launch application is compatible with a wide range of electronic devices. Whether you are looking for a simple layout or a dynamic multilingual user interface, Kiosk meets all your needs.
  • ZBOS Cloud: From fleet management to remote control, the ZBOS cloud offers many possibilities.
  • ZBOS Chat: Text, voice, and video communication.

Furthermore, with ZBOS software, simplify the management of your home or office by using the built-in home automation function or integrated systems like Home Assistant, OpenHAB, Tuya Smart, and many more. Once configured, ZBOS will automatically detect all compatible devices, making them accessible on the ZBOS platform.

ZBOS Control

ZBOS Control allows you to control your robot. You can make it move, speak in multiple languages, program it, view it through the camera, and much more:

  • Complete remote control of your robot via a local network or a cloud connection.
  • Create a map of your environment with points of interest and navigate between them.
  • Create custom surveys and questionnaires in your company's style.
  • Initiate a video conference.
  • Create simple or complex task sequences.
  • Monitor intrusion attempts in real-time and respond quickly to threats.

ZBOS Control is available on:

You can also use an online version of ZBOS Control from any web browser using ZBOS Control Cloud Platform.

Use Cases

Service Robotics

Use ZBOS for service robots such as MiniBot, LuckiBot, Pepper, or Cruzr in environments like hospitals, hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, and more.

Education and Research

Utilize ZBOS in educational and research robots such as Nao to enhance learning and discovery.

Robots on ZBOS Platform

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