Niryo One Robotic Arm 6 DoFs (assembled)

Niryo One Robotic Arm 6 DoFs (assembled)

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Niryo One is a 6-axis robotic arm compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and ROS. Manufactured in France, it is designed for research and teaching, and intended for students, professors, researchers and designers looking for an accessible robotic arm – in every sense of the word.

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Niryo One Robotic Arm: educational and affordable

Niryo One stands apart from many other robotic arms because it’s a tool for learning robotics programming that is within everyone’s reach. Professors, researchers and designers are all able to treat themselves to a 100% open-source, fully programmable, 6-axis robotic arm at a reasonable price.

This Raspberry, ROS and Arduino compatible robotic arm is 3D printed. You can add different accessories, and design then 3D print your own tools. To help you develop your own apps, you also have access to a whole community of Niryo One designers as well as the necessary documents and code libraries. In terms of programming, Niryo One benefits from a visual Blockly-type interface called Niryo Black, which operates in a similar way to Scratch, by selecting and moving command blocks.

What can I do with my Niryo One?

This Raspberry Pi, Arduino and ROS robotic arm is first and foremost an effective and fun learning tool for use in technical, vocational and other engineering schools. Teachers can use Niryo One to introduce their students to the main principles of robotics and programming, 3D printing and automated systems.

The wide range of available projects encourages knowledge development. Students and researchers can replicate Industry 4.0 conditions, synchronise several robots and coordinate their actions using a Raspberry Pi or Arduino board, and the list goes on...

Use industrial case with the Niryo One arm
Use industrial case with the Niryo One arm

Technical specifications of the Niryo One Arduino Robotic Arm

  • Degrees of freedom: 6
  • Weight: 3.3 kg
  • Reach: 440 mm
  • Base angle: +/- 175 °
  • Repeatability: +/- 1 mm 
  • Power source:  11,1V/6A 
  • Communication: WIFI Ethernet: 2.4 GHz Range 802.11n / Ethernet
  • WIFI: 2.4 GHz Range 802.11n / Bluetooth 4.1: 2.4 GHz; 2.5 mW (4 dBm) / USB
  • Interface/Programming: Windows/MacOS/Linux (desktop application), Gamepad, APIs
  • Power consumption: ~ 60 W
  • Materials: Aluminium, PLA (3D printing)
  • Ports: 1 Ethernet + 4 USB
  • Electronics: Raspberry pi 3 / + 3 x NiryoSteppers / + 2 x Dynamixel XL - 430 / + 1 x Dynamixel XL - 320
  • Collision detection sensor: Magnetic sensor (on motor)

Contents of the Niryo One robotic arm box

  • Niyro One Robotic Arm 
  • Gripper 1
  • Power supply 11, 1 V 6A
  • Universal USB Micro SD Micro USB Adapter
  • Tools: screwdriver 3 x 75, hexagonal wrenches (1,5mm - 2mm - 2mm - 2,5mm- 3mm - 4mm - 5mm - 6mm), flat spanner 8 even
  • 4 feet
  • 4 suction cups
  • Compatible tools (not included):
electromagnet Vision Set Mini convoyeur

Resources for the Niryo One 6-axis robotic arm for education

You will find all the links you need to better understand the Niryo One robotic arm here, free of charge:

Curriculum for the Niryo One robotic arm

Curriculum to use Niryo with Blockly (FR) available on demand

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