Kit Desktop FR Raspberry Pi 4
Kit Desktop FR Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit

Raspberry Pi | A-000000-04658

Everyone’s heard of the Raspberry Pi and its multiple accessories for electronic creations. But have you ever used them? This Raspberry Pi 4 kit is designed for beginners!

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Desktop kit: for your first Raspberry Pi 4 projects

This kit contains everything a programmer wanting to embark on a Raspberry Pi 4 project will need. It includes in particular:

  • The most recent version of the Raspberry Pi board with 2 GB of RAM
  • 1 microSD card offering 16 GB of additional storage, with the Raspberry Pi OS
  • The official Raspberry Pi keyboard and mouse, to design your first computer in the raspberry’s colours
  • All the necessary connection and power cables

You also get a user guide in English to help you take your first steps, and an official case for carrying and protecting your microcontroller.

Your DIY Raspberry Pi 4 computer

This kit will also appeal to Raspberry Pi enthusiasts who want to set up their first computer with a wired mouse, keyboard, extra memory, etc. The HDMI cables supplied will connect to whatever compatible screen you choose for your project (not included).

Technical specifications of the 2GB Raspberry Pi Desktop Kit

The kit includes:


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