YDLidar GS2 S808 100° 30 cm Lidar

YDLidar GS2 S808 100° 30 cm Lidar

YDLidar GS2 S808 100° 30 cm Lidar
YDLidar | A-000000-06012
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The YDLidar GS2 is both compact and lightweight, it has a field of view of 100° and a range of 30 cm. It can be integrated easily into small smart devices.
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What is it?

The YDLidar GS2 is a small Lidar that offers lots of advantages:

  • Ultra-wide field of view of up to 100° and a high angular resolution of up to 0.6°
  • Can detect objects as small as 3 mm within a radius of 30 cm
  • Two waveband options: 808 nm and 850 nm
  • Two FOVs for better scanning results
  • Compact size (25.6 x 23.6 x 10.8 mm) and flexible installation

Dimensions YDLIDAR GS2


The YDLidar GS2 is both lightweight and ultra-compact for easy integration into a multitude of devices, including robots, smart equipment and robot vacuums. It can avoid obstacles, plan a trajectory, etc.

Technical specifications of the YDLidar GS2

  • Range frequency: 28 Hz
  • Angle resolution: 0.6°
  • Scan angle: 100°
  • Size: 25.6 × 23.6 × 10.8 mm
  • Eye safety: class I
  • Service life: 10,000 hours
  • Supply voltage: 3.2-3.4 V

YDLidar GS2 dimensions

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