360 Degree Laser Scanner YDLIDAR G4

360 Degree Laser Scanner YDLIDAR G4

360 Degree Laser Scanner YDLIDAR G4
YDLidar | A-000000-03725
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Check out this YDLIDAR G4 360° laser range finder: an ultra-reduced model offering an amazing performance!

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YDLIDAR G4 360° laser range finder: a concentrate of technology in 41 mm

Measuring just 41 mm high, YDLIDAR G4 is a high-precision laser range finder with 360° scanning capabilities, both clockwise and anticlockwise. Perfectly safe to use and fully configurable, it employs OptoMagnetic wireless technology for data transmission. They are communicated with a high degree of precision, no matter how you have chosen to use your laser range finder.

YDLIDAR G4 uses a triangulation system, offering a scanning rate of 9,000 times per second, at a range of 16 metres. It makes detailed surveys of its environment and can locate the smallest of objects surrounding it. Equipped with a high-precision brushless motor and encoder disc mounted on bearings, it rotates smoothly and has a service life of up to 500,000 hours of operation.

Scanning range

Multiple uses for your mobile robot

Its very compact size and performance make it a particularly useful choice for mobile robotics projects. Improve your own with an accurate and reliable navigation or obstacle-avoidance system, design your own robot vacuum cleaner or create a mobile platform capable of location, mapping and tracking operations for all your 3D reconstructions.

Technical specifications of the YDLIDAR G4 range finder

  • Scanner with 2D 360° rotary range
  • Scanning range: 16 m
  • OptoMagnetic technology
  • Wireless data communication
  • YDImage 3.0 self-developed image processing acceleration engine
  • FDA laser safety class: I
  • Scan rate: 5–12 Hz configurable

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