AgileX indoor mobile robots

AgileX is a Chinese manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots compatible with ROS, which can be used in many fields of application such as surveillance, disinfection, exploration, transportation, inspection or in a university.

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Navis is a autonomous navigation system compatible with all AgileX's robotic platforms. It is designed for semi-enclosed and fully enclosed scenarios.

The LIMO simulation table tests the LIMO robot’s ability to navigate independently and analyse signals found on its journey.

Delivery within 4-6 weeks

The AgileX Tracer autonomous mobile robot is a platform dedicated to indoor design. Its high payload capacity makes it an ideal base for working on a mobile robot.

Delivery within 4-6 weeks
Price upon request

The pro version of the AgileX R&D kit allows you to take your development of robotic autonomous navigation and SLAM applications even further. It has an even more powerful processor and sensors!

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The AgileX ROS 2 EDU Kit is the world’s first ROS 2 mobile robot open-source navigation education kit. Mounted on a mobile platform (sold separately), it is capable of avoiding obstacles, following a set itinerary and exploring unknown territory.

Meet LIMO, a mobile robot designed around the AgileX mobile platform. This scalable robotic structure is dedicated to AI development. Thanks to its ROS and Gazebo compatibility, you can transform a simple off-road platform into a 100% autonomous explorer and mapping robot!

Available in 4 to 6 weeks

In the family of fast and agile robots, Scout Mini from AgileX is a true champion. It is compact, handy, all-terrain and lightweight. Armed with its Mecanum wheels, it becomes a real competition beast! This mobile robot is CE certified.

Certification CE
Delivery within 4-6 weeks

The Hunter SE robotics chassis, designed for speed and distance, is the ultimate exploration robot.

Delivery within 4-6 weeks

The AgileX Ranger Mini 2.0 is a mobile robot with an omni-directional drive-by-wire chassis and multiple movement options. It can handle a wide variety of indoor and outdoor tasks.


Simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM), exploration, security inspection, reconnaissance... the AgileX research and development kit is an excellent choice if you have a Jetson Nano, and for anyone wanting to try it out!

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