LIMO Simulation Table   Limo Robot Track

LIMO Simulation Table Limo Robot Track

LIMO Simulation Table   Limo Robot Track
AgileX Robotics | A-000000-05353
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The LIMO simulation table tests the LIMO robot’s ability to navigate independently and analyse signals found on its journey.
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LIMO robot track: a playground for autonomous navigation training

The LIMO simulation table is a simulation track for the AgileX LIMO robot that allows it to experiment with various functionalities, including mapping, autonomous navigation, character and traffic light recognition and obstacle avoidance.

It consists of a number of plates, representing a road, in addition to components that you can place in your robot’s path to trigger different actions.

How to assemble the LIMO robot simulation track?

Assembling the track’s various components is both quick and easy (you can also have a look at the assembly guide):

  • Arrange the plates in the order indicated by the number shown on the back: tile number 1 should be placed on the left, tile 16 top right
  • Surround the track with hoardings to mark out the navigation area – use the L- and U-shaped buckles to secure the barriers
  • Position various items on the board – the large black characters should be placed at the four corners of the track, on the hoarding – then add the traffic light, the whiteboard, the speed bump and the automatic barrier
  • Arrange the model trees

Your simulation track is now ready for use!

Technical specifications of the LIMO track

Component list:

  • 16 bottom plates 750 x 750 x 5 mm
  • 16 hoardings 750 x 200 x 5 mm
  • 40 buckles (10 L-shaped, 30 U-shaped)
  • 30 model trees 150 mm
  • 1 traffic light (dual mode)
  • 1 speed bump (to be assembled)
  • 1 small whiteboard + black magnetic characters (ABCDE and 12345)
  • 4 magnetic characters (ABCD)
  • 1 automatic barrier with QR code identification

Resources of the LIMO Simulation table

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