AR.Drone 1 Replacement Mother Board Set

Parrot | A-000000-00549
Replacement mother board set for your AR.Drone 1 personal UAV
End of life product
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Size Chart
Size Chart

The mother board or main board is the main processing unit of your AR.Drone 1.

The main board includes the Parrot P6 central CPU of the AR.Drone 1. The P6 chip has been specially designed for the AR.Drone 1. The Atmel P6MU chip is a power management chipset for the P6 chipset.

Technical specifications of the AR.Drone 1 main Board

The technical specifications of the AR.Drone 1 main Board are as follows:

  • A 468 MIPS ARM926EJ Risc CPU
  • 256 Mb 200 MHz 32 Bits MDDR RAM
  • NAND Flash
  • A video accelerator
  • Runs Linux along with AR.Drone software
  • Wi-Fi chipset from Atheros
  • USB Port for direct flashing and future extensions

The main board includes also the vertical camera. The technical specifications of the vertical camera are as follows:

  • 60 Fps
  • video resolution is QCIF (176*144pixels)

The Parrot software performs:

  • Stabilizing and auto piloting of the AR.Drone.
  • Video compression (from VGA to QVGA and compressed with a MJPEG video codec for the frontal camera, QCIF and MJPEG for the vertical one) and streaming.
  • Managing the Wi-Fi communication with the external controllers over its own Ad-hoc network.

The AR.Drone main board software is fully upgradable. This kit includes 1 navigation board and 4 screws.

How to replace the main board on the AR.Parrot Drone

The following video shows how to easily replace the mother board on your AR.Drone personal quadricopter:

Warning : This product is only compatible with the version 1 of the AR.Drone and is not compatible with version 2.

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