Lighthouse Explorer Bundle

Lighthouse Explorer Bundle

Lighthouse Explorer Bundle
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With the Lighthouse Explorer package, you'll have all the necessary components at your disposal to assess the Lighthouse positioning system.

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Introduction to the Lighthouse Explorer Bundle

The Lighthouse Explorer Bundle is specifically designed for onboard positioning. This system offers tracking capabilities within a space of up to 5x5x2 meters, ensuring submillimeter precision and accuracy within 10 centimeters during flight.

What is the Lighthouse Positioning System?

The system utilizes the base station as an optical light source, enabling the Crazyflie to determine its position with precision extending beyond a decimeter, even down to the millimeter. Base stations consist of rotating drums emitting laser beams into space. The Crazyflie, or any other object requiring precise location, is equipped with a light receiver (a photodiode) that captures the rotating laser, allowing it to measure the angle between the base station and the receiver. Using multiple receivers, it becomes possible to calculate the object's position and orientation relative to the base station. Once we know the position and orientation of the base station, we can finally determine the position and orientation of the Crazyflie.

Technical Specifications of the Lighthouse Explorer Bundle

  • 2 x Lighthouse V2 Base Stations
  • 1 x Lighthouse Positioning Bridge
  • 1 x Crazyflie 2.1 Kit
  • 1 x Crazyradio 2.0
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