Crazyflie programmable drone - Lighthouse Swarm Bundle

Crazyflie programmable drone - Lighthouse Swarm Bundle

Crazyflie programmable drone - Lighthouse Swarm Bundle
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With the Lighthouse Swarm bundle, pilot this swarm of 10 Crazyflie 2.1 drones and learn their positioning system.

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Lighthouse Swarm Bundle Presentation

The Lighthouse Swarm Bundle is a high-precision positioning system for the Crazyflie 2.1 drone. The Lighthouse base stations emit infrared light that is detected by the Lighthouse positioning deck, allowing the Crazyflie drone to calculate its onboard position and perform autonomous flight. It offers sub-10 cm accuracy during flight and a tracking volume of up to 5x5x2 meters with sub-millimeter precision.

What Is the Lighthouse Positioning System?

The Lighthouse positioning system is an optical system that provides high-precision indoor object localization. It achieves tracking accuracy similar to a motion capture system but at a lower cost. Additionally, it has the advantage of gathering position information directly onboard the tracked device, rather than within the infrastructure. In the case of a flying robot like the Crazyflie, this means that position information is immediately available for autonomous flight, without the need for reliable and low-latency radio transmission of position data.

Technical Specifications of the Lighthouse Swarm Bundle

The bundle includes:

  • 2 x Lighthouse V2 Base Stations
  • 10 x Lighthouse Positioning Decks
  • 10 x Crazyflie 2.1 Kits
  • 3 x Crazyradio 2.0
  • 20 x 250mAh LiPo Batteries
  • 10 x 500mA USB Chargers
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