LBB-041 Battery Charger for LB-040 / LB-041 Battery (DARwin-Mini)

LBB-041 Battery Charger for LB-040 / LB-041 Battery (DARwin-Mini)

LBB-041 Battery Charger for LB-040 / LB-041 Battery (DARwin-Mini)
Robotis | A-000000-01583
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An essential accessory for your DARwin-Mini robot’s Li-Ion LB-041 Battery, the LBB-041 Battery Charger is very easy to assemble and use. It is compatible with the previous LB-040 battery.
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LBB-041 Battery Charger: multi-functional

The LBB-041 Battery Charger is designed for recharging your Robotis Li-Ion LB-041 Battery, but can also be used as a support housing for your robot’s batteries.

It is extremely easy to assemble thanks to its rivet system, compatible with OLLO components. This Li-Ion Battery Charger is equipped with a red status LED, which lights up to tell you when your battery is charging.

LBB-041 Battery Charger for DARwin-Mini: compatible with numerous robots!

Use 2P cables to connect your charger to your robot’s microcontroller. This charger was designed for LB-041 Li-Ion Batteries, which should be used to power your DARwin Mini robot.

The LBB-041 Charger is also required to connect the necessary batteries.

You can very easily fix this charger with OLLO rivets for use as a battery holder for all kinds of robots (equipped with OpenCM9.04 or CM-150 microcontrollers).

Technical specifications of the 903-0221-001 Battery Charger

  • 1 LBB-041 lithium-ion battery charger
  • 1 micro USB B cable
  • 1 2P robot cable (100 mm)
  • 1 red LED status indicator
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