Arduino MKR ETH Shield

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Some connected projects cannot use wireless technology. If you find yourself in a situation where WiFi simply isn’t the best option, this Ethernet shield for Arduino MKR will prove particularly useful!

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Arduino MKR: an Ethernet shield to solve all your connection problems

A WiFi connection isn’t always possible in some environments, especially when there’s a lot of electromagnetic noise. Or if your wireless connection is insufficient. This shield is 100% compatible with the Arduino MKR board and has a female RJ45 connector for setting up an Ethernet connection between your Arduino and modem.

The ETH shield also has an SD card slot for saving data.

Technical specifications of the Arduino MKR ETH Shield

  • Connectivity: Ethernet
  • RJ45 female connector
  • SPI SD card slot
  • Circuit operating voltage: 3.3V
  • Compatibility: Arduino MKR boards

Resources for the Ethernet shield

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