Raspberry Pi 5

Raspberry Pi 5

Raspberry Pi 5
Raspberry Pi | A-000000-06923
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Four years after the 4, the Raspberry Pi 5 has arrived. It benefits from a noticeable improvement in its performance, as well as some new features.

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Raspberry Pi 5 Presentation

More than ever, the Raspberry Pi 5 asserts itself as the ideal SBC (Single Board Computer) solution to experience modern, high-performance, and durable computing. It provides the best alternative to traditional computers, often energy-intensive, bulky, and quickly outdated. By building on the success of the Raspberry Pi 4 and significantly improving its features, performance, and connectivity, the Raspberry Pi 5 undoubtedly stands out as the most advanced and powerful product currently available on the market.

Key Advantages of the Raspberry Pi 5

  • Up to 3 times better performance than the Raspberry Pi 4, thanks to the BCM2712 chip with a new quad-core Cortex-A76 (ARM v8 - 64-bit) processor clocked at 2.4 GHz and a VideoCore VII GPU.
  • The ability to stream to two screens simultaneously with consistent 4K quality at 60 frames per second.
  • New built-in connectors: PCIe 2.0, Debug, RTC, and much more.
  • 2x faster than the previous version with a high-speed micro-SD port (SDR104) and 2 USB 3.0 ports, up to 5Gbps simultaneously.
  • A secure ON/OFF power button for simplified and reliable use.

The RP1 Chip: A True Brand Achievement

For the first time, the Raspberry Pi 5 is equipped with its own chip, designed and manufactured by Raspberry Pi. Like the world's leading manufacturers in the computer industry, the RP1 chip allows Raspberry Pi to reach a new milestone in production, creating a product that is even more powerful and perfectly suited to the needs and expectations of its users.

The RP1 chip offers the following features :

  • 4-lane PCIe 2.0 endpoint
  • Gigabit Ethernet MAC (connects to an external PHY using RGMII)
  • x2 USB 3 host controllers (each has 1 x USB 3 and 1 x USB 2 port + over twice the usable USB BW compared to the Pi 4)
  • x2 SDIO / eMMC ports (not used on the Pi 5)
  • MIPI transceivers (4 lanes, supporting DSI and CSI-2)
  • Video DAC (3 channels, supporting PAL/NTSC and VGA, only one composite channel used on the Pi 5)
  • SPI, UART, I2C, PWM, GPIO, I2S peripherals
  • Delta Sigma PWM audio output
  • 12 x 12 mm BGA, 0.65 mm pitch

Raspberry Pi 4 vs. Raspberry Pi 5 Comparison

Raspberry Pi 4 - Model B Raspberry Pi 5
Architecture (bits) 64 64
SoC Broadcom BCM2711 Broadcom BCM2712
CPU 1.5 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A72 2.4 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A76
GPU Broadcom VideoCore VI - 500 MHz
OpenGL ES 3.0
VideoCore VII - 800 MHz
OpenGL ES 3.1, Vulkan 1.2
Memory (SDRAM) 1 GB / 2 GB / 4 GB / 8 GB 4 GB / 8 GB
Number of USB Ports 2 (2.0)
2 (3.0 - up to 5 Gbps)
2 (2.0)
2 (3.0 - up to 5 Gbps simultaneously)
Video Outputs 2 Micro HDMI and Composite (4K - 60 FPS and up to 1080p simultaneously) 2 Micro-HDMI (4K - 60 FPS simultaneously)
Audio Outputs Stereo 3.5 mm Jack
5.1 on the micro-HDMI port
5.1 on the micro-HDMI port
Storage Memory Micro-SD Micro-SD (high-speed transfer - SDR104 mode)
Ethernet (RJ45) 10/100/1000 Ethernet 10/100/1000 Ethernet
Wi-Fi Dual-band 802.11ac Dual-band 802.11ac
Bluetooth 5.0 / BLE 5.0 / BLE
GPIO 17 × GPIO, UART, I²C bus, SPI bus with two chip selects, I²S audio, +3.3 V, +5 V98 17 × GPIO, UART, I²C bus, SPI bus with two chip selects, I²S audio, +3.3 V, +5 V98
Video / Audio Interfaces 2 DSI (MIPI)
Stereo audio / composite video port (4 poles)
RTC - RTC Connector
Startup Immediate upon power-up Power ON/OFF button
Power Supply 5V / 3A 5V / 5A
Dimensions 85 mm × 56 mm × 16 mm 86 mm × 56 mm × 16 mm
Weight 46g 46g

Raspberry Pi 5 Technical Specifications

  • Broadcom BCM2712 chip with a 2.4 GHz Quad-core ARM Cortex-A76 (ARM v8 - 64-bit) processor, with 512KB L2 caches and 2MB shared L3 cache
  • VideoCore VII GPU, compatible with OpenGL ES 3.1, Vulkan 1.2 - 800 MHz
  • 4GB or 8GB LPDDR4X-4267 SDRAM (depending on the version)
  • ON/OFF power button
  • 5V/5A DC power via USB-C (limited compatibility with the official Raspberry Pi 4 15.3W USB* power supply)


  • PCIe 2.0 interface with a 16-pin 0.50mm FFC connector (requires independently controlled FFC)
  • 2x Micro-HDMI® ports with 4Kp60 support, simultaneous lossless HDR support, and integrated 4Kp60 HEVC decoder
  • Micro-SD port with high-speed SDR104 mode support
  • 2x USB 3.0 ports up to 5Gbps simultaneously
  • 2x USB 2.0 ports
  • 40 GPIO pins
  • 2 MIPI DSI (display) / CSI (camera) connectors with 4 lanes
  • x2 connectors for (Use of a fan is strongly recommended for Raspberry Pi 5**)
  • RTC connector for official real-time clock


  • Gigabit Ethernet with PoE+ support (requires a separate PoE+ HAT, not included)
  • Dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 5.0 / Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)


  • "Intrusive reflow" technology that hides solder joints on the back
  • Each Raspberry Pi 5 has a unique identification number directly printed on the board and individual packaging
  • The RAM capacity of the Raspberry Pi 5 is now indicated directly on the top side of the board through a small enclosure
Technical Dimensions
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