Dynamixel YM070-210-M001-RH Servo

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The Dynamixel M070-210-M001-RH, equipped with an RS485 connection, is an actuator in the Dynamixel-Y series developed by Robotis. This intelligent actuator offers top-level performance.
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DYNAMIXEL-Y: Performance and Flexibility for Advanced Robotic Systems

The DYNAMIXEL-Y, characterized by its high rotation speed and remarkable precision in position control, is the ideal solution for developing systems that are both fast and precise. Thanks to the integration of electronic brakes and DYD cycloidal gear reducers, it ensures superior safety and reliability.

The range offers unprecedented flexibility by allowing customized selection of motor size, reducer type, and the presence of integrated brakes, thus adapting the product to specific speed and performance requirements. With its compact design, DYNAMIXEL-Y proves to be extremely versatile, finding its place in a variety of applications such as multi-articulated systems, linear actuators, servo-cylinders, and more. This versatility makes it a preferred choice for engineers and designers seeking intelligent and high-performing actuation solutions.

Key Features of DYNAMIXEL-Y: Leading Performance and Enhanced Safety

  • High-performance frameless motor
  • Multi-turn absolute encoder
  • Integrated electric brake for safety
  • Integrable DYNAMIXEL DRIVE (DYD)
  • Compact and simple design with hollow shaft
  • Direct drive motor control

Technical Specifications of Dynamixel YM070-210-M001-RH

  • MCU: ARM Cortex-M4 (168 [MHz], 32 [bit])
  • Motor: Frameless BLDC
  • Transmission Speed: 9,600 ~ 10,500,000 bps
  • Operating Modes: Position control mode, Speed control mode, Current control mode
  • Weight: 340g
  • Dimensions: 70 x 50.9 mm
  • Hollow Shaft Diameter: 14 mm
  • Resolution: 524,288 [pulse/rev]
  • Encoder Specifications: Single-turn: 19 bits (524,288 [pulses/turn]), Multi-turn: 18 bits (262,144 [Rev])
  • Reduction Ratio: -
  • Angular Play: -
  • Radial Load: 42 N
  • No-load Speed: 5,675 [rpm]
  • Continuous Speed: 4,664 [rpm]
  • Continuous Torque: 0.32 N.m, Continuous Current: 11.9 A
  • Maximum Torque: 0.64 N.m, Maximum Current: 20.8 A
  • Output: 210W
  • Operating Temperature: -5 ~ +55°C
  • Control Signal: Digital packet
  • Physical Connection: RS485 multi-drop bus
  • Serial Communication: RS485 asynchronous (8-bit, 1-stop, No Parity)
  • ID: 253 (0 ~ 252)
  • Standby Current: 40 mA

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