Z1 Robot Arm for Robot Dog

Z1 Robot Arm for Robot Dog

Z1 Robot Arm for Robot Dog
Unitree Robotics | A-000000-06016
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You can use this Z1 robot arm with the Aliengo and B1 quadruped robots, as well as other mobile robots. It’s lightweight, compact and will manage both simple and complex tasks.
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Size Chart
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Benefits of the Z1 collaborative arm

Designed especially by Unitree Robotics for quadruped robots, the Z1 stands out for its light weight and flexibility. Once equipped, your robot dog will be even more versatile, capable of performing many additional tasks. You can use it with both the Aliengo and the B1 quadruped robots.

The Z1 offers many advantages:

  • Lightweight and compact: weighs just 4 kg
  • Robust: can carry loads of up to 2 kg (Z1 Air) / 3 kg (Z1 Pro)
  • Agile and flexible: has 6 degrees of freedom with a speed of 180°/s at each of its axes
  • Precise: offers a movement repeatability of about 0.1 mm and a range of 700 mm
  • Secure: has built-in collision protection

Uses for the Z1 collaborative arm

You can use your Z1 robot arm in industrial applications, for example logistics and simple tasks like picking up objects, opening and closing doors, pouring liquid into a container, fixing screws, etc.

Technical specifications of the Z1 Air and Z1 Pro robotic arm

Robotic arm

DOF 6 6
Weight 4,1 kg 4,3 kg
Payload 2 kg ≤ 3 kg
Reach 700 mm 700 mm
Repeatability ~0,1 mm ~0,1 mm
Power supply 24V / 20 A 24V / 20 A
Interface Ethernet Ethernet
User Operating System Ubuntu Ubuntu
Force Feedback and Collision Detection Provide Provide
Power 500W max 500W max
Control Interface Position + Force Control Position + Force Control


  • Backlash : ~6 arcmin
  • Maximum Torque : 33N · m
  • Weight : 405 g
  • Size : ⌀ 65 x 50 mm
  • Reducer : Harmonic Réducteur
  • Reduction Ratio : 60+
  • Voltage : 24V (Recommend)
  • Communication Method : RS 485
  • Encoder Resolution : 15bit
  • Bearing : Industrial grade cross roller
  • Motor Sensing Feedback : Torque, angle, angular volocity
  • Motor Control Command : Torque, angle, angular velocity, stiffness, damping
  • Force Control Accuracy : ~0,2N · m
  • Control Frequency : 1KHz
Joint Portée Vitesse max
J1 ± 150° 180°/s
J2 ± 90° 180°/s
J3 ± 90° 180°/s
J4 ± 160° 180°/s
J5 ± 90° 180°/s
J6 ± 162° 180°/s

Resources for the Z1 robot arm

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