YDLIDAR OS30A 3D Depth Camera

YDLIDAR OS30A 3D Depth Camera

YDLIDAR OS30A 3D Depth Camera
YDLidar | A-000000-06527
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Discover the YDLIDAR OS30A 3D depth camera, capable of accurately capturing depth information in 3D for many applications.

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YDLIDAR OS30A: Accurately Capture Depth in 3D

The YDLIDAR OS30A 3D depth camera utilizes structured light stereo vision technology to capture 3D images and generate depth information. It is equipped with a dedicated depth calculation chip that optimizes robot obstacle detection.

This compact camera is easily integrable and features a standard Type C output interface, offering users great flexibility.

It can adapt to complex environments, including complete darkness, bright indoor lighting, low light conditions, backlighting, soft lighting, as well as semi-outdoor environments. Its range of applications is vast!

Key Features of the OS30A Depth Camera

  • 1280 x 920 high-resolution image output
  • 78-degree horizontal field of view for depth map, meeting robot requirements
  • 3D structured light binocular imaging technology
  • Utilizes high-performance dedicated chips for deep calculation
  • Fearless ambient light interference
  • USB2.0 standard output interface

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