Baxter Research Robot

The Baxter robot is a humanoid robot designed by Rodney Brooks and its company Rethink Robotics. Baxter is a collaborative robot or cobot. The research and education version of the robot Baxter is programmable using ROS. Step into factory of the future!

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The research and education version of the famous robot Baxter, created by Rodney Brooks is an ideal base for many projects such as computer science, artificial intelligence, human-robot interaction, control, recognition and manipulation of objects, learning...

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The pedestal for the Baxter and Sawyer robots keeps it at a defined height and also allows moving them easily.

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This package is an extension for the new vacuum gripper for the robot Baxter. This Vacuum array gripper pack for Baxter extends the number of available points of contact on a single robot hand in order to manipulate multiple objects at once.

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This robotic hand fits (almost) all the capabilities of a human hand: it’s autonomous, smart, powerful, and agile, and will delight your research lab team or your robotics students!

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