AgileX Autopilot Kit

AgileX Autopilot Kit

AgileX Autopilot Kit
AgileX Robotics | A-000000-04912
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The AgileX Autopilot Kit offers a complete system for the autonomous GPS navigation of a high-performance robotics chassis. It’s a Linux-programmable, fully ROS-compatible platform you can use for working on a wide variety of applications.

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AgileX Autopilot Kit: autonomous, customised driving

The AgileX Autopilot robotics kit consists of different modules designed to enable the autonomous navigation of your robotics chassis . The AgileX Autopilot uses numerous navigation instruments and GPS technology for point-to-point navigation : IMU , laser, binocular camera, depth camera , etc.

Robot AgileX kit autopilot kit navigation

Your mobile platform will be able to navigate a given route while avoiding obstacles, and also find its way in an unfamiliar environment.

The AgileX Autopilot Kit includes:

  • Interchangeable with any mobile chassis from the AgileX range: Scout Mini off-road version, Bunker, Scout 2.0

  • an Intel RealSense T265 binocular camera

  • an Intel RealSense D435i stereo depth camera

  • a RPLidar LiDAR with time-of-flight technology

  • a satellite communication module identifying various signals, including GPS triangulation

  • a Pixhawk 4 Autopilot navigation system with gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer and GPS

  • an on-board computer with Ubuntu 18.04

Robot AgileX kit autopilot kit navigation

Multiple applications thanks to a combined hardware and software system

With the AgileX Autopilot Kit, you will enjoy far more development and application possibilities than with a traditional mobile platform. Thanks to the mechanical capabilities of the various adaptable chassis, your kit will have all the qualities of an off-road vehicle. Its programming environment and resources are entirely open-source for immediately developing applications in various scenarios: environmental monitoring, agriculture, outdoor survey, surveillance and security, etc.

Technical specifications of the AgileX Autopilot robotics kit

  • Intel RealSense T265 binocular camera
  • Movidius Myraid2 chip
  • Field of view: 2 fisheye lenses, combined with nearly hemispherical 163+/-5
  • BMI055 inertial measurement unit
  • Intel RealSense D435i depth camera
  • Infrared stereo technology
  • Depth stream output resolution: up to 1280*720
  • Depth stream output frame: up to 90 fps
  • Min. depth distance: 10 cm
  • Laser radar model: RPLidar S1
  • Technology: TOF
  • Measuring radius: ≤ 40 m
  • Sampling speed: 9200/s
  • Measuring resolution: ≥ 1 cm
  • Scanning frequency: 10 Hz (8–15 Hz adjustable)
  • Supported satellite signals: GPS/BDS/GLONASS/QZSS
  • RTK positioning accuracy:
    • Horizontal: 10 mm + 1 ppm
    • Vertical: 15 mm + 1 ppm
  • Orientation accuracy (RMS): 0.2° / 1 m (baseline)
  • Speed accuracy: 3 cm/s
  • Time accuracy: 20 ns
  • Differential data: RTCM2.x/3.x CMR CMR+
  • Data format: NMEA-0183 BINEX; Femtomes ASCII and Binary format
  • Data update: 1 Hz / 5 Hz / 10 Hz / 20 Hz (optional)
  • FMU processor: STM32 F765
  • IO processor: STM32 F100
  • Accel/Gyroscope: ICM-20699
  • ACMEL/Gyroscope: BMI055
  • Magnetometer: IST8310
  • Barometer: MS5611
  • Servo guideway input: 0 to 36V
  • Weight of the Pixhawk 4 Autopilot: 158 g
  • Dimensions of the Pixhawk 4 Autopilot: 44 x 84 x 12 mm
  • GPS: u-blox Neo-M8N GPS/GLONASS receiver; integrated magnetometer IST8310
  • Onboard computer model: X86
  • CPU: I7-8th generation
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Storage: 128 GB (SS)
  • System: Ubuntu 18.04
  • ROS: Melodic
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