ScoutSan mobile robot: Scout 2.0 (UGV) + A0509 Robotic arm

ScoutSan mobile robot: Mobile Scout 2.0 (UGV) + Doosan A0509 Robotic arm + Kit

ScoutSan mobile robot: Scout 2.0 (UGV) + A0509 Robotic arm
Génération Robots Lab | A-000000-05549
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Assembled by Génération Robots, ScoutSan is a mobile manipulator robot composed of an Agilex mobile base and a Doosan robotic arm. Designed for research projects, it is equipped with additional sensors to be fully autonomous.
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A 2-in-1 robot for research

The ScoutSan mobile robot is a 2-in-1 robot created from the AgileX Scout 2.0 mobile robot (UGV) and the Doosan A0509 robot arm.

This ROS Melodic compatible mobile robot, assembled by our teams, is designed for:

Research projects

Doosan Robotic Arm - Research projects

Remote handling operations

Doosan Robotic Arm - Remote handling operations

ScoutSan is remotely operated, but can also move around autonomously if you use our services to program your robot and add the following accessories:

RealSense Depth Camera D435

RealSense Depth Camera D435

To create a point cloud and detect obstacles in front of the robot

RoboSense RS-Helios-16P LiDAR

RoboSense RS-Helios-16P LiDAR

For autonomous navigation and 3D mapping.

Scout 2.0 mobile robot: a robust and adept UGV

Designed for research, education and industrial robotics, the Scout 2.0 autonomous mobile platform is categorised as a UGV (unmanned ground vehicle). It is CE certified, both efficient and robust, and offers many advantages:

  • A chassis that can carry up to 50 kg
  • 4-wheel drive for all-terrain use (indoors and out)
  • Zero steering angle for free rotation
  • Sliders for quick customisation
  • 2 communication interfaces (CAN and RS232)
  • A 24 V lithium battery

A0509 collaborative robot: a fast and precise robot arm

Designed for simple pick-and-place type operations, carton packing and line loading, the A0509 collaborative robot is faster and has a better acceleration than the industry standards.

Doosan A0509 collaborative robot
  • 5 kg payload and 900 mm reach
  • 6 axes
  • +/- 0,03 mm repeatability
  • 18 safety functions
  • Accelerated speed on axes 4, 5 and 6
  • Easy programming: directly from a computer with a Windows OS
  • Several customisation options

Understanding the A0509 collaborative robot in videos

What is included in the package

Scout 2.0

Joystick control

Robotic arm A0509

DC controller

PowerBrick Battery

Zotac ZBOX CI662 nano embedded PC​

Zotac ZBOX CI662 nano embedded PC

ScoutSan technical resources

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