AgileX ROS 2 EDU Kit

AgileX ROS 2 EDU Kit

AgileX ROS 2 EDU Kit
AgileX Robotics | A-000000-05558
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The AgileX ROS 2 EDU Kit is the world’s first ROS 2 mobile robot open-source navigation education kit. Mounted on a mobile platform (sold separately), it is capable of avoiding obstacles, following a set itinerary and exploring unknown territory.
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Introducing the ROS2 EDU KIT

The AgileX ROS 2 EDU Kit is an evolutionary kit, and therefore extremely adaptable for a wide range of applications. This fully open-source kit can be programmed under Linux, Windows or Mac, making it particularly user-friendly. It’s built on the AgileX autonomous mobile robot platform, so has an efficient and precise self-location system based on a LIDAR and numerous other sensors. It is a lightweight and portable powerhouse of science and technology, the best experimental ROS development platform for use in scientific research and education.

Compatible with Scout, Hunter et Bunker

ROS 2 Edu Kit comes in two versions, both compatible with the Scout, Hunter and Bunker chassis to adapt to users’ needs in both research and real-life settings:

  • ROS 2 EDU Lite has a 16 GB 256 GB i5 mini PC with a YDLIDAR G4
  • ROS 2 EDU Pro has a 16 GB 512 GB i7 mini PC with an RS-LiDAR-16 (RoboSense)

Both include a RealSense D435 depth camera, with a wide field of view and maximum range of 10 metres.

Robot AgileX kit autopilot kit navigation

ROS2 EDU KIT Applications

Features of the ROS 2 EDU Kit:

The navigation kit is equipped with the full version of ROS 2 Foxy, allowing you to benefit from all the new possibilities offered by ROS 2 . In addition, the kit comes with a pre-installed Gazebo 11 3D environment simulator, for simulating robots in complex and realistic settings. You can also get a ROS 2 simulation package for AgileX. The ROS 2 EDU Kit is compatible with all NAV 2 Navigation Stack applications.

Multiple uses:

There are many possible applications. By choosing the right chassis, you can transform your robot into a powerful all-terrain vehicle ( SCOUT MINI model), a light versatile vehicle ( HUNTER model), or even add caterpillar tracks ( BUNKER MINI model). Its open-source environment allows use in various fields, including environmental monitoring, agriculture, surveillance and security. Lots of sectors are becoming interested in agricultural, military, industrial, measurement and tracking applications, and even exploration and development of self-driving vehicles.

The kit does not include a mobile robot.

Technical specifications of the ROS 2 EDU Kit

PC 16 GB 256 GB i5 mini PC16 GB 512 GB i7 mini PC
LiDAR G4 2D LiDARRS16 3D LiDAR (Education Edition)
Camera RealSense D435RealSense D435
Display 14 inch IPS 1920*1080 HDMI14 inch IPS 1920*1080 HDMI
Keyboard K400 PlusK400 Plus
Router GL.iNet AR750SGL.iNet AR750S
USB HUB 7-Port USB 3.0 Hub / 12 V7-Port USB 3.0 Hub / 12 V
Supply 24 V (15-40 V) to 12 V / 20 A24 V (15-40 V) to 12 V / 20 A

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