RoboSense RS-Helios-16P LiDAR

RoboSense RS-Helios-16P LiDAR

RoboSense RS-Helios-16P LiDAR
Robosense | A-000000-05415
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RoboSense has now brought us a new series of LiDAR laser range finders: RS-Helios-16P. It is the lightest and most affordable model, while nonetheless offering high levels of performance, and with Ethernet connectivity too!!
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RS-Helios-16P: a high-speed 360° laser range finder

The new RoboSense series of LiDARs includes a 16 laser beam version: the RS-Helios-16P. This model boasts many of the same features as the RS-LiDAR-16 3D, also by Boston Dynamics. But the Helios series has also introduced some changes, and for the better:

  • A much higher data rate, with 576,000 pts/s in dual return
  • More comprehensive feedback
  • A high-performance automotive Ethernet connection, allowing you to work on more advanced autonomous navigation and 3D mapping applications
  • A minimum speed of 600 rpm, instead of 300

RoboSense RS-Helios-16P LiDAR: high-performance automotive Ethernet

With the arrival of increasingly complex in-vehicle systems (assisted driving, intelligent safety systems, connected cars, etc.), we have to be able to rely on high-bandwidth connections.

The RS-Helios-16P LiDAR is equipped with the most powerful automotive Ethernet technology in terms of data rate: Ethernet 100Base-T1, for a full-duplex flow of 100 Mbits/s. This makes it an ideal accessory for all your autonomous mobile robots (UGV exploration, industrial transport robots, etc.).

The UDP packet can send a wide variety of data via Ethernet: geographical coordinates, timestamps, etc. And there’s also a demonstration video, showing the RS-Helios-16P’s mapping capabilities.

Technical specifications of the RS-Helios-16P LiDAR

  • Number of lines: 16
  • Laser wavelength: 905 nm
  • Laser safety class: 1 (safe for the eyes)
  • Range: 150 m (90 m @ 10% NIST)
  • Blind spot: ≤20 cm
  • Range accuracy: ±2 cm (1 m to 100 m); ±3 cm (10 cm to 1 m); ±3 cm (100 m to 150 m)
  • Horizontal field of view: 360°
  • Vertical field of view: 30° (-15° ~+15°)
  • Horizontal resolution: 0.2° / 0.4°
  • Vertical resolution: average 2°
  • Frame rate: 10 Hz / 20 Hz
  • Rotation speed: 600 / 1200 rpm (10/20 Hz)
  • Points per second: ~288,000 pts/s (single return); 576,000 pts/s (double return)
  • UDP packet content: spatial coordinates, intensity, timestamp, etc.
  • Automotive Ethernet: 100M Base T1
  • Output: UDP packets over Ethernet
  • Operating voltage: 9-32 V
  • Power consumption: 11 W
  • Operating temperature: -30 °C ~+60 °C
  • Storage temperature: -40 °C ~+85 °C
  • Ingress protection (moisture, dust): IP67
  • Time synchronisation: $GPRMC with 1PPS, PTP&gPTP
  • Dimensions: 97.5 mm (diameter) x 100 mm (height)
  • Weight: ~900 g

Resources for the RS-Helios-16P

Software RS-Helios RSView V3.1.2 for Windows
Software RS-Helios RSView V3.1.2 for Ubuntu
RS-Helios 3D model (STEP)
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