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SLAMTEC's LPX-E3P1 LiDAR offers 360° industrial surveillance with high accuracy at ranges of up to 40 metres. Featuring SL-DToF technology, it guarantees reliable performance and flexible management of up to 64 simultaneous surveillance configurations.

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Precision and reliability for your robotics and industrial applications

SLAMTEC's LPX-E3P1 is a 360° industrial field monitoring LiDAR, specially designed to meet the stringent requirements of the industrial sector. With improved software algorithms and upgraded hardware structures, the LPX-E3P1 guarantees superior performance for real-time monitoring and easy integration into various systems.

Key features

  • Full 360° surveillance for omnidirectional detection
  • 40-metre surveillance radius: ideal for industrial applications requiring a wide detection range
  • High resolution of 0.225° for precise, detailed object detection
  • 64 sets of surveillance fields
  • Sunlight resistance ≥80Klux

Integrated field monitoring

SLAMTEC's LPX-E3P1P1 is an advanced field monitoring tool designed to meet the rigorous needs of the industrial sector. Incorporating a field monitoring application, it provides effective intrusion monitoring in pre-configured areas, without the need for external IT systems.

Advanced SL-DToF technology

Thanks to SLAMTEC's advanced SL-DToF technology, the LPX-E3P1P1 offers exceptional accuracy and low reflectivity, while remaining resistant to sunlight. This combination guarantees stable, reliable performance, even in the most demanding industrial environments. What's more, it can handle up to 64 surveillance field configurationswith the unique ability to monitor three fields simultaneously.

ScanDesigner software

The exclusive ScanDesigner software, supplied with the LPX-E3P1, makes it quick and easy to customise surveillance configurations. This user-friendly software offers professional features, making it easy to draw field shapes, associate layers and update configurations according to LiDAR installation positions.

Accurate and reliable detection

Third-generation SL-dTOF technology enables the LPX-E3P1 to detect very small objects and those with extremely low reflectivity. What's more, it can withstand intense ambient light of up to 80 Klux, making it just as reliable for outdoor use. Finally, its compact, elegant design makes it easy to integrate into a multitude of industrial applications, making the LPX-E3P1 a versatile, high-performance choice for all your surveillance requirements.

Technical specifications of the SLAMTEC LPX-E3P1 LiDAR

  • Applications: indoor/outdoor(≥80Klux)
  • Scanning frequency: 20Hz
  • Angular resolution: 0.225
  • Detection range: 0.05-25 metres (at 70% reflection) for white objects; 0.05-10 metres (at 10% reflection) and 0.05 - 4 metres (at 2% reflection) for black objects
  • Protection class III (IEC 61140:2016-1)
  • Operating temperature : -10° à 50°
  • Protection rating: IP65
  • Accuracy: ±40mm
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 56.63 x 56.63 x 48.00 mm
  • Weight : 180g

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