360° Mapper M2M2 SLAMTEC

360° Mapper M2M2 SLAMTEC

360° Mapper M2M2 SLAMTEC
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SLAMTEC has introduced a new generation of laser rangefinders with integrated mapping and localization features.

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Mapper M2M2: A new generation of laser rangefinders

The SLAMTEC Mapper M2M2 represents an advanced solution for laser LiDAR, combining real-time localization and mapping capabilities. Integrating LiDAR technology and the third-generation SLAM engine from SLAMTEC, this standalone device requires no external equipment and can be operational immediately after power-on. It stands out as an optimal choice for robot localization and navigation applications, environmental mapping, as well as portable measurements.


M2M2 Mapper highlights


Measuring Rang

300m * 300m

Maximum Mapping Area


Angular Range


 Mapping Resolution

9,2 kHz

Sampling Frequency


Refresh Frequency

M2M2 Mapper technology

Large-Scale and High-Quality Mapping

The SLAMTEC Mapper integrates the third-generation SLAM map optimization engine from SLAMTEC and the SharpEdge™ fine mapping technology, enabling high-precision mapping and real-time localization on an area of up to 100,000 square meters. It actively identifies loop closures and corrects maps, ensuring effective management of various complex mapping and localization scenarios. The produced data meets users' high expectations in terms of map quality and location precision.


Power On and Immediate Use

The SLAMTEC Mapper can be powered on and operational with a simple connection to the USB cable.


Tilt Compensation and Fast Movement

The SLAMTEC Mapper is equipped with a built-in inertial navigation system with degrees of freedom, ensuring stable operation even in environments with uneven or inclined surfaces, whether high or low, in manual mode. This ensures optimal mapping quality. Moreover, it can adapt to rapid movements, reaching a maximum speed of 2 m/s.


Works Well Both Indoors and Outdoors

It excels in mapping and location, delivering remarkable performance in complex environments, whether indoors under challenging conditions or outdoors in bright sunlight.


Practical Data Analysis, Fully Compatible with ROS

The Mapper provides a comprehensive set of cross-platform SDK development kits, along with evaluation tools compatible with mobile devices and computers, making evaluation, development, and use easier for users. Additionally, through integration with the ROS (Robot Operating System) driver, the generated map and localization data can be seamlessly incorporated into the ROS environment.


Not Just a Mapping LiDAR, But Also a Laser Sensor

In addition to its mapping and localization capabilities, the SLAMTEC Mapper can also be utilized as a laser sensor. Users have the option to quickly integrate LiDAR data into their existing system using the SDK or ROS node.


Technical Specifications of Mapper M2M2

  • Applications: indoor/outdoor
  • Dimensions: 77.1 x 74.9 mm
  • Measurement Range: 40m
  • Sampling Rate: 9200 Hz
  • Maximum Mapping Area: 300m * 300m
  • Mapping Resolution: 0.05m
  • Maximum Travel Speed: 2m/s
  • Precision < 0.02m³
  • Graph Optimization Time: Approximately 1h
  • Maximum Tilt Angle: ±3°
  • Data Refresh Rate: 10Hz
  • Operating Temperature Range: -5° < 25° < 45°

Mapper M2M2 Resources

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